mudhalvar-mahatma movie review

Mudhalvar Mahatma Movie Review – What if Gandhi comes alive today?

mudhalvar-mahatma movie review

Cast: Kanakaraj, Anupam Kher, Sundar
Direction: Balakrishnan
Music: Ilayaraja

After a bio-pic on former Tamilnadu Chief Minister K Kamaraj, director Balakrishnan has come out with Mudhalvar Mahatma. It is an idealistic theme that speaks about the need for good governance and a corrupt-free State.


What will happen if the Father of the Nation returns to the country today? What Mahtma would venture to do to correct the issues that is plaguing the society today forms the crux of the movie. Kanakaraj plays the role of Gandhi, while Anupam Kher dons the role of Chief Minister who strives hard to achieve the visions and ideas of Mahatma.

After he is shot by Godse, Gandhi goes to heaven. He urges the Almighty to allow him go back to India. He comes to Tamilnadu and settles down in a village. He calls himself Mohandoss and starts spreading his visions and thoughts.

Young Siddharth (Sundar) is attracted by his noble thoughts decides to associate himself with him. He propagates Gandhian values in the society and emerges the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu.

Script analysis:

Balakrishnan has done immense research and has tried his best to convey a much-needed message for the society. More a documentary, the film speaks about the need to follow his principles of Ahmisa and non-violence. It speaks boldly against corrupt political system, red-tapism and gender inequality.

Despite the honest attempt and hard hitting message the movie fails to impress, as a sense of lethargy creeps in as it sounds more like a docu-drama and goes too preachy at places.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Kanakaraj as Mahatma Gandhi plays his part well. His looks and body language fits the role of Mahatma. Others including Anupam Kher are competent. The highlight of the movie is Ilayaraja’s musical score. His background score fits the theme well.

J Mohan has cranked the camera while V T Vijayan has edited the film. Both have done a fairly good job.

Positive Points:

Much needed message, honesty in driving home the point, acting by Kanakaraj, and Ilayaraja’s back ground score.

Negative Points:

Documentary feel, too much of preaching, dull script, and predictable developments.


Lackluster yet Honest attempt.


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