Mouna Guru Movie review

Mouna Guru Movie Review – Engaging Movie

Mouna Guru Movie review

Mouna Guru Movie Review

Cast: Arulnidhi, Iniya, John Vijay, Uma Riaz Khan
Direction: Shantha Kumar
Production: M.K. Thamizharasu
Cinematography: Mahesh Muthusamy
Music: Thaman

Director’s special:-

Arulnidhi’s latest movie with debutant director Shantha Kumar is a pleasant surprise in terms of script and execution. The director has presented a gripping movie without restoring to stereotypes. He has done his homework and executed his well written script with his hard work.

A common man’s anger against the victimization is what Mouna Guru is all about.

Story Line:

Karunakaran (Arulnidhi) symbolizes many youngsters of today, who has the fire in them to fight all odds in the society. Karunakaran comes to Chennai for pursuing his studies as he is forced to leave his college in Madurai. A man who speaks less and thinks lofty, Karunakaran finds himself a stranger staying at his brother’s house in Chennai. He decides to take refuge in a hostel. There is romance in the form of Arathi (Iniya), his brother’s sister-in-law.

Karunakaran’s peace gets disturbed thanks to a greedy and corrupt police officer Marimuthu (John Vijay). The officer stumbles upon huge money which he doesn’t want to loose. He plans to loot the money with the help of three other police officers.

Marimuthu’s plans go wayward because of a sex worker and he gets into trouble. A few twists and turns bring Karunakaran into the picture. Marimuthu thinks that he is the man responsible for his troubles. He wants to fix Karunakaran but he escapes. Marimuthu formulates a conspiracy through which Karunakara is driven to mental asylum.

Meanwhile a lady police officer(Uma Riyaz Khan) from crime branch successfully uncovers the conspiracy and zoroes in on the culprits. But Marimuthu can go to any extent to save himself. he plays with the life of Karunakaran to save himself.
How Karuna fights all odds to emerge the winner forms the rest.

Script Analysis

Three cheers to debutant filmmaker Shantha Kumar as he doesn’t fall prey to commercial cliches and ensure that is all resembles close to reality. He has presented a smart thriller with many interesting and credible twists. The sex worker angle, the collage students’ intervention, principal’s son’s bizarre act, and the investigation are conceived and executed well.

The characters have been etched well and almost all the characters are flawless. The investigation by the lady police officer is interesting. The way Karuna is dragged in this problem is credibly portrayed. The romance is pleasant.

With a firm grip on the medium, Mouna Guru ends up as director’s special. No wonder the movie proves yet again that a good movie can come from a director, who has a firm grip on the medium. Actors just form part of it. On the flip side he could have avoided the length of the movie in the second half.

Cast Review:

For Arulnidhi, after Vamsam and Udhayan, Mouna Guru has come as a whiff of fresh air. He seems to have passed the muster as he does what his director expected from him. Arulnidhi plays his best so far, thanks to his director.

Iniya looks pleasant and plays typical heroine with ease.

Cheers to John Vijay for his menacing looks and dialogue delivery that suits his character. Uma Riaz Khan as crime branch officer is quite impressive.

Mahesh Muthusamy’s cinematography adds to the overall impact of the movie. Thaman’s back ground score is competent. Less said the better about his songs.

Positive Points:

Engaging script, smart execution, and fine acting.

Negative Points:

The slow pace in the second half and the lackluster songs.


Shantha Kumar has set an identity for himself. Certainly a different fare this.

Mouna Guru: Engaging movie sans clichés.


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