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Moscowin Kaveri Movie Review

Written and Directed: Ravi Varman
Cast: Rahul Ravindran, Samantha,Harshvardhan (Y.G.Mahendran’s elder son), Boys Manikandan,Santhanam, Seeman.
Music: S.Thaman
Production: D.Ramesh Babu

It is cinematographer Ravi Varman debut movie evoking serene and beautiful images in your mind with a title that connects the Russian river Moskva with the South Indian River Kaveri.

But Moscow is the name of the hero and the heroine is Kaveri. The title is justified out right. Kaveri is from village but is a city dweller with a plum software job in Chennai who lives in equally classy, furnished rooms, with giant teddy bears, summery tops and fashionable jeans. Moscow is also a village boy but appears to be a rich orphan and is also a techie in the city who lives alone in a suite of beautifully furnished rooms in Chennai, decked with classy ornaments

Moscow sees Kaveri and it is instant love. He pursues her but is rejected. However, after a couple of melancholic moments and a seemingly remorseful act by the hero, Kaveri comes to his village and accepts his love.

Rahul Raveendran looks every bit the stlish software professional.In few places, he seems to have imitated Madhavan’s style of dialogues. Samantha is fresh and emotes well too. Harshvardhan, as the most feared criminal, does not have much work except walking around in debonair suits and a few weapons in a short duration,could have chosen a good script and challenging role. Why is Santhanam there? With his hideous wigs and loud dialogues, he tries to tickle us. His track is completely disjointed. He appears to be reasonably rich but is a van driver.But during second half he makes the film going at mediocre while ‘Boys’ Manikandan doesn’t get prominence and Seeman’s cameo role is good.

Music director Thaman impresses with his work. The lyrics of some of the songs clearly indicate its old timeframe. Nee Ondrum Azhagi Illai number reminds of Aval Appadi Onrum from Angadi Theru. The lively gore gore number is missing in the film.

The dialogues are obviously meant to be heart-felt and poetic, but the only response to their stilted delivery is a hoot of laughter from the audience.

Ravi Varman,  credit your audiences with some amount of intelligence!

The biggest plus point of the movies is just 100 minutes and you can walk out.

Overall : Majority of the audience feedback has been a heavy NO..

Warning: First 20mins into the film, you’re sure to wriggle your heads on what’s going on. Maybe, the intermission point drops a second thought on walking out. The first half (45mins) doesn’t even establish the basic plot. Irrelevant segments and disorder narration are sure to get us graveled. The last 20mins of the film has some interesting moments, but an ordinary climax yet again adds to the entire film in sheer absurdity.



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