Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Meesaya Murukku Movie Review
Meesaya Murukku Movie Review

Written and Directed by: Hiphop Tamizha
Cast: Hiphop Tamizha, Vivek, Aathmika
Music: Hiphop Tamizha
Cinematography: Siva rock Sankar


Hip Hop Tamizha has taken up the theme of a youngster pursuing his dream.

Aadithya (Hip Hop Tamizha) is a dreamer. He has unique talent in music. Aadi’s younger brother (Ananth) is aggressive. Aadi and his friend (Vigneshkanth) join in an engineering college, where Aadi meets his childhood friend Nila (Aathmika), and starts chasing her.

Though Nila positively reciprocates to his feelings, her family is not ready to accept a marriage with a boy from a different caste.

Despite this setback Aadi is determined to make his dream a reality. He wants to make it big in music. His father wants him to take care of his life without getting carried away by false hopes. Aadi seeks one year time to pursue his passion. He goes to Chennai in search of opportunities.

What happens to his dream and his love forms the crux of the rest of the movie.

Script review

Hip Hop Tamizha has taken up many roles in making the movie. He has done well in making the movie a youthful musical entertainer. The story is weak and the script is devoid of exciting moments. Nevertheless, the director has managed to make it watchable with some youthful scenes.

The engineering college backdrop is utilized well. Though the scenes are not new or innovative, they do have the ingredients to impress the young audience thanks to the youthful feeling and music. The humour aspect works in favor of the movie.

A stronger story with some new scenes could have made the movie an enthralling experience.


Aadi, who has taken care of almost all the major areas, has put up a decent performance as an actor. He is more impressive as music director. As a director he passes muster by providing us with some good moments for youngsters to cherish.

Vivekh renders a solid performance as a motivating father. Vijayalakshmi and Aathmika are okay. Vigneshkanth and the others add entertainment value for the movie.

Positive points:

Youthful feeling
Encouragement to dream big

Negative points:

Weak storyline
Clichéd screenplay
Average performances


Meesaya Murukku is a musical movie that encourages youngsters to dream big and work for it. A stronger storyline and some innovative twists and turns could have made it a better movie.

Meesaya Murukku: Youthful entertainer.

Rating: 2.5 stars

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