Meeravudan Krishna Movie Review

Meeravudan Krishna Movie Review

Meeravudan Krishna Movie Review

Meeravudan Krishna Movie Review

Cast: A.Krishna, Swetha, Manobala, Shana, Master Ganesh and Ramji
Direction: A.Krishna
Music: Senthil Prasad

Joining the list of filmmakers who combine the task of acting is A.Krishna. His maiden venture Meeravudan Krishna speaks about marital relationships.


The movie is about a couple whose life takes a toss after their marriage. Whet happens when the husbands starts doubting their wives forms the crux. Krishna (Krishna) is an industrialist who wants to remain single in life. But he is forced to marry Meera (Swetha), a doctor by profession, by his mother.

Things go well till an anonymous phone call to Krishna plays spoilsport in his life. The caller informs him that his wife is cheating on him. All hell breaks loose when Meera informs that she is pregnant. Now the cat and mouse game begins. A flashback reveals why Krishna wanted to remain single.

Script analysis

Debutant Krishna seems to have followed the footsteps of veteran filmmaker K Bhagyaraj in handling the family theme. He makes fun of himself in a few scenes. There are a few hilarious dialogues that manage to sustain some interest. At places, the scenes remind one of watching a mega serial, on the big screen. The movie has a simple storyline. Sadly the execution mars the flow.

Cast and Crew Analysis

Krishna as an actor passes muster. Swetha as the doting wife does a good job. She emotes well. Interestingly the cinematographer for the film M.R.A. Vijay plays a prominent part.
Senthil Prasad’s music is nothing special.

Positive points:

Fun element.

Negative point:

Sloppy script, poor treatment, and lackluster music.


Despite some fun in the script, the movie fizzles out as an average fare with nothing to cheer about.

Meeravudan Krishna: Mega serial boredom


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