Mayakkam Enna Movie Review

Mayakkam Enna Movie Review – A movie not to be missed

Mayakkam Enna Movie Review

Mayakkam Enna Movie Review

Cast: Dhanush, Risha Gangopadyaya, Sundar and others
Written and directed by: Selvaraghavan
Production: Gemini Film Circuit
Music: G.V. Prakash
Cinematography: Ramji

Here comes Mayakkam Enna, one the most awaited films of the year from the stable of Selvaraghavan. For the third time, Selvaa unites on-screen with his illustrious actor-brother after successful and critically acclaimed films such as Kadhal Kondein and Puduppettai. There was a high degree of expectancy among the fans of both Selvaa and Dhanush and the duo hasn’t disappointed the fans at all.

The movie is about the ambitions and dreams of an aspiring photographer. The movie everything in it to entice youngsters to watch the movie again and again: it has friendship and the pains that go with it, it has raw romance, it shows the passion of a professional to achieve something big in life, it shows betrayal and heartbreak and depicts fight back.

Story Line

Freelance photographer Karthik (Dhanush) lives life on his own terms. Considered a ‘genius’ by his peers, he goes about his work stressing himself too hard in his attempt to become the most important man in his profession. A natural prodigy that he is, he does possess the uncanny knack of capturing unforgettable moments and elements of life through his lens in the most unexpected manner. His profession makes him an expert in portfolio photos and an excellent wedding photographer but wildlife photography remains his passion.

Karthik and his close pal Sundar (Sundar Ramu) enjoy life in a typically youthful manner along with their select gang of friends. One day Sundar brings Yamini (Richa), his girlfriend, to their place where she gets introduced to Karthik. The first interaction of Karthick and Yamini, though, turns into a bitter experience. This, however, doesn’t deter them from developing a deep and special ‘relationship’ albeit in a slow and steady manner.

In order not to antagonize his friend, Karthick tries his best to get away from Yamini but circumstances and the girl’s love makes them almost inseparable. Karthik and Yamini eventually get married the beginning of their marital life turns out to be the worst moment of courtship as Karthik is humiliated by a famous photographer who steals his works.

This leaves him crestfallen and downcast. Obviously, his martial life gets disturbed even as Yamini endeavours to bring him back to normalcy and encouraging him that he could find his moment of success at any time. However hard she might try, .she doesn’t succeed in bringing him back to his usual self. Watch the film in theatres to find out how their life develops and what happens to the dreams and ambitions of Karthik.

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Script Analysis

Selvaraghavan has cleverly used two or three main characters to present his story in a likeable and entertaining manner. The film is definitely a deviation from the run-of-the-mill stuff that is delivered from Kollywood’s dream factory from time to time. Selva has also excelled in making a ‘very different’ movie which is sensitive, engaging and soul-searching.

Cast and Crew Review:

At the outset, rest assured that it’s one of Dhanush’s special performances in his career. The national award-winning act appears to be making rapid strides vis-à-vis his performance in his films. As a freelance photographer who is city-bred, Dhanush dazzles in one of his note-worthy performances in recent years. The actor’s maturity shows in his facial expressions and subtle body languages.

Newcomer Richa fits the role aptly as Dhanush’s wife and emotes well. Though it’s still early days, she appears a perfect heroine material who could go places in Kollywood in future.

Sundar’s performance adds to the film’s weightage.

Cinematographer Ramji has done a fabulous job. Young music director G.V. Prakash Kumar’s music needs special mention not only for the songs he has composed in the film but also for the amazing background score. In some sequences which move sans any dialogue, GVP’s background aptly makes up for the missing dialogues.

Sans any clichéd sequence, Selvaa engages the viewers in a nice narrative and narrates the story without compromising on the commercial aspects. Nobody other than Selva would have had the courage to show on-screen a girl falling in love with her boyfriend’s best friend. The total transformation of Richa’s character in the second half is appreciable and acceptable in the backdrop of the story.

Though the movie appears to ‘move’ slowly in the post-interval section, an emotion-filled climax compensates for the lack of pace. The climax, though not a totally unexpected one, does move the viewers to tears.

Verdict: A movie not to be missed!



  1. Ram

    Great Movie.  Perfect review.   I saw this movie in Dallas, Hollywood theatre,  Everyone clapped after the climax sceen.  Dhanus and the Heroine deserves an award.  Great Job Selva.

  2. DK

    ram..konjam over’u..not on kadhal kondein or 7/g rainbow colony was just ok….yes should appreciate richa’s acting..cant believe thats her debut..good movie but not great movie

  3. ***

    are you kidding?? it was CRAPPPP…..effin slow as hell and no substance….the director had no clue what he wanted to portray…stupid…my BP level went UP!

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