Marina Movie Review

Marina Movie Review – Shore for sure

Marina Movie Review

Cast: Siva Karthikeyan, Oviya,Jayaprakash,Pakada Pandian
Music:Girish G

Marina beach is a world of its own. National award winning director Pandiraj has tried to explore it in this aptly titled film. Despite a docu-drama feel at many places, there is no denying that such films are a rarity in Kollywood, which is used to template movies.


Unconventional from scene one, ‘Marina‘ takes us on a virtual trip to the beach, and makes us to meet the people there. While the place is a big source of recreation for many of us, it’s the only source of livelihood for hundreds, if not thousands, and that’s what the film all about.

Ambikapathy (‘Pakada’ Pandian) comes to Chennai from a village and he finds solace in Marina. He earns for his daily bread by selling water packets on the sands. As it happens, his good heart and naughty nature earns him the friendship of many, including children of his age group who do small businesses at the beach.

An elderly man (Sundararajan) and postman (Jithan Mohan) also move close with the children gang led by Ambikapathy. While a singer (Attakathi Aarumugam) and his daughter Annamma (Jayashree) are also the residents of the beach, there is a lover couple (Siva Karthikeyan and Oviya), who comes to the place daily to spend some quality time.

All these characters assemble together at one point of time and what follows is a journey with twists and turns. And it’s all is well at the end, as the film conveys a message or two before the credits list roll.

Script Review:

After trying his hand with a commercial film in Vamsam, director Pandiraj has gone back to his roots. He has taken up a theme which is closer to his heart. He has tried to recreate the magic of Pasanga and almost succeeded in doing so. The way he portrays the lives of the kids who live and work in marina beach is heartening. The depiction is closer to the reality. The director has done with precision without missing the fun. The emotions and the ups and downs of their lives have also been captured well. The side track portraying the love between Karthikeyan and Oviya provides more fun to the fare.

However, the characters put together in and around marina look stereotypical. The old man, the post man, the policemen, the lovers, and others are quite stereotype. You can expect such characters in such and movie and Pandiraj fails to surprise us with newer elements. The way these charactors are handled in the script too is predictable. The pathetic end of the old man is uncalled for. The message given through a lecture by Jayaprakash doesn’t fit into the script.

Cast and Crew Review

It’s ‘Pakada’ Pandian who shoulders a major burden. Watch out for his body language. Small screen star Siva Karthikeyan is a treat to watch, though he has lesser screen space. Oviya looks beautiful. While a big bunch of children are apt fit to their respective roles, Sundararajan, Jithan Mohan and Attakathi Pandian perform well.

Coming to Pandiraj’s help in accomplishing his task are cinematographer Vijay and debutant music composer Girish. The two youngsters, with their commendable work, add life to the film. The former’s lens conveys many a thing visually, while the latter’s background score does it from behind the scenes.

Positive Points

The lively portrayal of marina, the selection of kids and their acting, fun filled script, Oviya’s pleasant screen presence, background score, and cinematography.

Negative Points

Stereotyped characters, predictable twists, and preachy style in conveying the message.


On the whole, Pandiraj has conceived a potent knot once again, after ‘Pasanga‘ and ‘Vamsam‘. But how good is he at conveying it in a convincing way is the question here. He has partly succeeded is our answer.

Marina: A fun filled ride on the beach


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