Mappillai Music Review


Mappillai Music Review

Cast: Dhanush, Hansika Motwani, Manisha Koirala

Music Director: Mani Sharma

Director: Suraj

Producer: Nemichand Jhabak and Hitesh Jhabak

1. Aru Padai
Singers: Mukesh and Vijay Yesudas
Lyrics: Viveka

Rating: 2/5

Bubu bu boom …. Bubu bu boom… Bubu bu boom let’s praise Lord Murugan. Vijay Yesudas pleases us with this simple number except for the ending of the song that could just have been better if the up-tempo trill could have been avoided.

2. Love Love:

Singers: Rahul & Rita
Lyrics: Snehan
Rating: 1/5

This song has a Bollywood 80’s tint to it. It is yesteryear’s music and honestly speaking it didn’t do much Love magic as the title claims.

3. Onnu Rendu:

Singers: Mukesh & Saindhavi
Pa. Vijay

Rating: 2/5

This definitely looks like a rip from the director’s past stint with glory in Telugu movies. Another attempt at a kuthu number .Surely a track the youngsters in town can’t give a miss.

4. Ready Readya:

Singers: Ranjith & Saindhavi
Lyrics: Snehan
Rating: 1/5

When we heard this song with our friends they told us it is similar to the composition in the movie Parugu (2008), we think Mani Sharma is really trying to crossover his skills in Telugu to Tamil. That is fine until the music good; but sadly this song had too many instances of Ready Readya being repeated .It seemed rather forced in the lack of a good melody line.

5. Ennoda Rasi Nalla Rasi :
Singer: Ranjith

Rating: 2/5

Mani ‘kuthu’ Sharma comes up with another kuthu beat here and just for the reference the song is been redone straight from Rajnikanth’s 2011 version, nothing noteworthy about the remix it is just good to get dancing.

6. Mappillai Theme Instrumental

Rating: 2/5

An instrumental with yet another kuthu beat, this one is an energetic piece and a sure choice for the fillers in the movie. It is an instrumental with some infectious beats.


Mani sharma really knows how to keep a kuthu number varied you give him the same beat and he can probably go on making melodies day in and out, a plus point and no we are not being sarcastic at all here although. It is just not the music that we are talking about. Finally we would like to add before we conclude that this album sounds outdated without anything special to hold on to for the days to come.

Could we have some experimentation Mani Sir?



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