Manmadhan Ambu music review

Kamal and Trisha
Kamal and Trisha

Album Name: Manmadhan Ambu

Cast: Kamal Hassan, Trisha Krishnan, Madhavan, Sangeetha

Director: K. S. Ravikumar

Producer: Udhayanidhi Stalin

Banner: Red Giant Movies

Music Director: Devi Sri Prasad

“Dhagudu Dhattham”  2/5

Singers: Kamal Hassan

Lyricist: Kamal Hassan

The bass line to the first track is so much similar to the Michael Jackson hit Bad.

Have a listen here.

Michael Jackson’s – Bad

Although it takes a new direction when the vocals come in. Slowly the song takes a folksy turn and the bass line seems  to be literally pushed in the background.

A guitar interlude and then the saxophones chipping in with accents gives it a very western taste, while the vocals are held in the folksy style throughout .Another example of literally mixing music styles.

“Who’s the Hero”- 4/5

Singers: Andrea Jeremiah

Lyricist: Kamal Hassan

First and foremost before putting our views on anything we must applaud Andrea for this one so join us as we start clapping……clap!……clap!……clap!……ok that’s enough folks.

A quintessential rock and roll blues style orchestration accompanied by laid back piano playing , the vocalists has a great sense of what was required of this style of music .Andrea Jeremiah has really impressed us with her singing. The way she has made the lyrics flow is really noteworthy.

A very chilled out interlude accompanied by drums rolls is a fresh experimentation. Although she got caught in the act singing Hindi, it seemed a little obvious she is not used to it.

“Kamal Kavidhai”- (a poem recital)

Singers: Kamal Hassan, Trisha Krishnan

Lyricist: Kamal Hassan

This is not a song as you would have guessed by the title itself.Trisha starts off the poem.

Kamals recital is being aided with backing vocals.As he slowly gets into the poem and extends his soulful rendering Trisha chips in occasionally breaking the recital. This one is a real measurement of how emotions could change the way you mean to say things and Kamal has excelled in a convincing passionate delivery. Trisha should have been a little cautious with this one; she could have done a little more.

“Oyyale” 2/5

Singers: Mukesh, Suchitra

Lyricist: Viveka

Oyyale was a disappointed, it had a lot of over the top harmonium playing, and the song had the clichéd ‘kuthu song’ feel to it.

“Neela Vaanam”– 3/5

Singers: Kamal Hassan, Priya Hemesh

Lyricist: Kamal Hassan

Kamals voice filled up the space with glitter.He sweeps you away with his emotions here, although we wanted the chorus parts to be sung in a jiffy, waiting for Kamals voice to sooth us again.

The composition stands somewhere in between a romantic number and a patriotic song which was a bit confusing.

As expected he did not disappoint us. One more thing before we move on, there has been no use of extra effects on the vocals, the sound raw, it resembles Kamlas zest for honesty, why worry when you know what you do is the best you can do!

“Manmadhan Ambu”-3/5

Singers: Devi Sri Prasad

Lyricist: Kamal Hassan

This track is out and out inspired by a Punjabi number. The characteristic voices of the instruments reflect so much of Bhangra music. The outro section where Ambu Ambu is sung repeatedly sounds cheesy.

“Manmadhan Ambu”- ” Theme Music” –  1/5

The violinist  steals the show, as the song progresses, we are still hunting for his name.

With pretty much the vocalist reciting the melodies played by the violinist. Its is  a real short piece and there is no story this piece of music attempts to tell.The only notable element is the intro having a choral arrangement.

It’s quite evident that DSP has been inspired by Jazz, Blues and a Michael Jackson track and he has not hesitated in bringing in a Bhangra tune and a kuthu song both aimed at being dance numbers.

Full credit to him for bringing in a varied palette of tunes

The albums seem to focus much on dance. Well, considering the fact that Kamal was heading for a romantic flick we expected some more romantic numbers. Although we look forward to Kamal Haasan singing more soulful numbers in the future.

The poem recital was a different experimentation and  unique to the album.



  1. Hello

    Hello Vijay TV bought the rights of telecasting the events…Ultimately, the venue was decided by Udhayanidhi Stalin , Kamal and Ravikumar only

  2. dilip

    yedhukudhaan indha veena pona dsp kitta kuduthaangalo.. avankitta tunes stock eh kedaiyadhu..
    hey hey.. this is dsp.. goyaley nu paadavendiyadhu.. its merely waste of time i downloaded the songs ans heard to them.. not even to one song i listened completely..

    Who’s the Hero and Dhagudu Dhattham.. both songs starting are more or less the same.. worst songs and waste of spending so much money to release it in singapore… it was all just coz of endhiran’s audio launch..

    matter irundha money spend panradhula artham iruku…

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    THis website belongs to RAjini Vijay pundai…..SO pls Pothittu ponga……songslam sooper………….NOt like FLop Sura n RAJINI>>>>> 

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    edho ivanunga appan veetu sothula singapore la poi audio release pana mari pecha paaruda…..

    songs r good….. dsp is no arr…. grow up guys

  5. Vijay

    The songs are very average. As usual, Kamal chooses the wrong music director. DSP is a Kuttu song musician.
    he could have opted for YSR or Harris Jayaraj.

  6. citizen

    Yea ellar appan veetu sothun thanda….chk out who is the production house ? Where do u think they are getting their money frm ? Ur Taxes !!!!!!!!

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