Mandhira Punnagai Music Review

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Mandhira Punnagai Music Review

The audio for the movie has been launched as of October 20 while the movie is to be released in 2010.

Starring: Karu Palaniappan, Meenakshi, Santhanam

Music: Vidyasagar

Director: Karu Palaniappan

Producer: Karthic Nagarajan

Satta Sada Sada

Wonderful voice, fast paced melodious interplay, a track that is infused with the warmth of a cushioning bass line, a melody that is suitably whispered and yet sounds so huge, this track really stands out. The little effects have been composed carefully and cleverly placed to add flavor, freshness unleashed..!

“indha kadhalai naan adaya

ethanai kaamam kadanthu vandhen” 🙂  … those lines are determined to stick to you, beware. You know Vidyasagar was here!

Anbillama Karanchadhu

Jassie Gift is the one singing this, somehow the voice resembles Shankar Mahadevan’s style, talk about voice modulation these days, a bit of effect on the song has given it the right twang, the song is totally an interplay between the vocalist and a saxophone patch much likely being played as a sample quite reminds me of the ‘Shaadi’ bands and their songs.

Enna Kuraiyo

A sweet fragrance fills the air as this one touches your senses, quite the classical track accompanied by a mridangam and a singer who can literally make your ears take a bow. The ultimate mix, mind you not a track for a purist fan of Carnatic music. Great rhythm variations by the mridangist. It’s quite sad the industry never promotes the rhythm players as much as they promote the singer, great rhythm section.

Megam Vandhu Pogum

A song that impresses you for its intro hook, the choice of bass lines is superb; the boom bum, ba, boom bumm will catch your ears for sure.

Mandhira Punnagai Audio Launch
Mandhira Punnagai Audio Launch

Use of violins, light piano playing and a vocal melody handled with great delicacy, makes it a soulful number, quite infectious at the first listen. Another favorite in the set.

Siththan Mugam Ondru

The track takes of with a bad guitar patch adding to the monotony. The songs rides inspired by rap music, brings back memories of Eminem. A track that talks about all personalities you meet in life, quite a song to write upon when in deep thought. It has a passion to it, but it just doesn’t have the elements that will make it a sticky in your head rather heart.

Thanni Poda Vaapa

Seemed very promising as it started, quite a drama track, but as it moved along the dragging beat keeps you thinking is there more to this song.

Thanni Poda Vaapa (Club Mix)

Not so impressive, yes you already have an idea here, at the mention of the word ‘remix’, yeah right!! dhu! dhu! dhu! dhu! dhu! , that’s all to it. Boring .


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