Mandhira Punnagai Movie Review

Mandhira Punnagai
Mandhira Punnagai

Mandhira Punnagai Movie Review

Starring: Karu Palaniappan, Meenakshi, Santhanam, Rishi
Direction: Karu Palaniappan
Music: Vidyasagar
Production: Karthik Nagarajan

This was Karu Pazhaniyappan’s effort as a director-actor and undoubtedly he has taken a luxurious freedom in self indulgence.

In this flick the director has tried to understand  human psychology.The script revolves around a relationship between him and a girl(Meenakshi) who affects his outlook towards life.


Meenakshi has essayed the role of Nandini .The male lead by the name of Kathir(Karu) is a talented civil architect with a very straightforward attitude towards life.

He believes in enjoying life to the fullest.As he leads a luxurious life indulging in drinks, smokes and women in brothels.

On the professional front, Kathir is portrayed as a genius architect and impresses Nandini with his talent as their paths cross when he gets involved chalking out the architectural plan for her office. As time passes their fondness for each other grows. Some situations are very peculiar as Nandini’s affection reminds Kathir of his Mother.

There is a twist in the movie by now and this is where a series of flashbacks appear which are quite effectively shot.

Apparently Kathir’s father is against Kathir’s fondness for the girl and doesn’t trust her ways and insists on knowing more about the other side to her character. As Kathir is cautioned he tries his best to know more about her, this somehow makes him behave quite strangely towards Nandini which is reasoned out well as the movie unfolds slowly.

As you get to the second half of the movie there seems to be a drag in the storyline as the script could have been to the point.

Mandhira Punnagai has some serious problems when it comes to lighting as there is no reason why it resembles a stage drama act considering the lighting conditions.

Cast Review

Meenakshi has fit well into the role without playing a glamorous role she has carried along her part quite well except for the dialogues.

Kathir dialogues need some polishing since there is a serious mismatch of emotions.

Bhaskar Shakthi is impressive with his dialogues. Vidyasagar’s songs require more punch but the background score is noteworthy.

Santhanam is also a mainstay in the film as the friend of Karu who chips in delivering a  comic relief.

Positive Points

The first half is decent and for that matter the intial part the second half  maintains a good pace after which the story seems to be extended forcefully.

Santhanam’s role is a good balancing act.

‘Mandhira Punnagai’ seems to be an honest attempt to really explore a psychological side of the characters life.

Negative Points

First and foremost the movie seems a one man show revolving around the director.

Karthi’s family background has not been brought out well and it seems vague.

Another major downside of the movie is its lack of delivery of the script, Meenakshi’s delivery of dialogues is a give away and Karu’s acting needs some polishing there is a complete mismatch of emotions as we are left perplexed.


An average script coupled along with bad execution.


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