Makkal Padai Preview and Trailer

Cast and Crew
ACTORS – Raj, Irfan, Vijay, Yathin, Makir Khan, Bijli, Sabu Gosh And Jonitha.

PRODUCED BY – Teamwork Cinemas
DIRECTOR – Debutant Sharvi
MUSIC – Rajnessh
ACTION – Gilly Sekhar

Story Plot:
Terrorism forms the crux of the story and with just 9 days to go how five young men from different walks of life come together under the guidance of a retired RAW officer to thwart the efforts of the terrorists forms the story plot.

Renowned German American revolutionary Carl Schwarz once said “My country- when right -keep it right, when wrong -set it right”.
It forms the core responsibility of every citizen to ensure that if anything goes wrong in his country, put his best foot forward to set it right. The principles which hold a lot of importance in the contemporary world forms the main thread of Team Work Cinema’s “Makkal Padai”.

The story starts to unfold from the moment the suspicions of one of the Five – AutoDriver Dinesh is aroused by one of his passengers Jahangir. How the fearless young men follow the scarcely available lead, in a roller coaster ride, to save the country forms the rest of the plot.

Makkal Padai Movie Trailer


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