Magane En Marumagane Movie Review Online-A drama for those who love to watch Vivek on screen.

Starring: [email protected] Tejaswi, Vivek, Nasser, Saranya, Thenmozhi, Yamini Sharma, Livingston.
Direction: T.P. Gajendran
Music: Dheena
Production: Raj TV Network

T P gajendran is back into direction after Cheena Thaana 001, released in 2007, this time he has given Vivek a full length role in Magane En Marumagane who plays the title role of Marumagan (son-in-law). Young Mithun Tejaswi  plays the son

Jameendar of Singam Patti village (Nasser) and his wife (Saranya) lead a happy life. They are known for their generosity and are adored by the villagers. They have a son Raghu (Mithun) and a daughter Ponnarasi (Yamini Sharma).

Raghu studies in a boarding school and gets educated to find an IT job in Chennai. Meanwhile in the village there is Singaram (Vivek), a fit-for-nothing fellow. He is crazy behind Jameendar’s property and wants to tie the knot to Ponnarasi.He enacts a drama and manages to marry Ponnarasi. But he cannot correct his ways. As a result, he ends up earning the wrath of the family. All hell breaks loose when Singaram is arrested for a murder, which he has not committed.

Meanwhile, Raghu is tempted by his uncle (Livingston) (who is behind his property) to marry one of his daughters. However, it is Thenmozhi (Thenmozhi), a sincere and good-looking servant in his family who impresses Raghu.

Fate takes a turn and Jameendar’s family drowns in debt and forced to go out of the palace. In the meantime, Singaram and his wife come to Chennai and he corrects his ways, works hard and becomes rich.

On his return to Singampatti, he finds out that all is not well between Jameendar and his son Raghu. He embarks on a mission to reunite them. Eventually he saves his in-laws family from danger.

As usual Vivek impresses with his one-liners and punches. He romances and even dances to a fast paced song. In the first half one sees a comical Vivek, while the latter half shows him more serious and sedate.
Nasser and Saranya gets a meaty role. Mithun looks cool

The same script over and over again
Too much double – meaning dialogues.
Many characters have been stitched artificially
Mithun looks so spiritless and he badly needs to go through a crash course in acting
Dheena’s music is ok and there is a remix of yesteryear hit ‘Raman Aandalaum Ravanan Aandalum…’ but none of the songs are worthy heeding.

Over all
A drama for those who love to watch Vivek on screen.


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