Maatraan Movie Review

Maatraan Movie Review – Complicated yet impressive

Maatraan Movie Review

Maatraan Movie Review

Cast: Suriya,Kajal Aggarwal, Isha Sharvani,Sachin Khedekar,Tara
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Director: KV Anand
Producer: Kalpathi S Aghoram
Banner: AGS Agoram Entertainment

The successful and irresistible combination of Suriya and K.V. Anand, which scored heavily in Ayan a few years ago, is back with a bang. To hit the nail on its head, the duo hasn’t disappointed the long wait the fans had to endure for the theatrical release of Maatraan. It looks like Anand, who has an eye not only for shooting in foreign countries but also in involving those countries in his script, has come out with yet another winner.


Let’s now take a ‘sneak peak’ in to the much-awaited script in recent times. Genetic scientist Ramakrishna’s(Sachin Khedekar) wife (Tara) delivers conjoined twins as her first child(ren). Strangely enough, Ramu and his wife are advised by the doctors to ‘kill’ one child so that the possibility of the other child surviving and living longer is created. As you expected and guessed rightly, Ramu’s wife refuses to do so and vows to herself to bring them up together showering equal and love and affection on both.

Twins Vimalan and Akilan (Suriya) are literally ‘inseparable’ both physically and mentally. However, their character differs from each other by a huge margin. While Vimalan comes across as shy, educated and well-mannered, Akilan is the opposite type: he cares a least about everything, he’s raw and lacks the fear for his life. The irony is that the twins survive on one heart only, which the Almighty has placed in Vimalan’s side of the body.

Professional jealousy ensures that Ramakrishnanโ€™s novel ideas and suggestions are overlooked by his his employers. He ends up feeling exasperated despite possessing limitless talent and abundant energy. His wife encourages him to launch his own firm making health drink for children with the brand name Energian. He courts success sooner than expected. At the success bash of the product, the twins come across Anjali (Kajal Aggarwal) and both of them fall head-over-heels in love with her. Anjali, however, likes Vimalan’s company and his mannerisms.

Volga, a Russian girl employed by Ramu’s professional enemies, befriends the twins to use them to find the company’s patented drink-making formula. Vimalan gets a hint that Volga was, in fact, trying to stop his father from committing a criminal act and before he could uncover the truth, Volga dies under doubtful circumstances not before she swallows an all-important pen drive containing some ‘vital data’. Despite Ramu’s efforts, he couldn’t get it whereas it’s Anjali who gets it and promptly gives it to Vimalan.

The turn of events which follow result in Vimalan dying before the doctors transplant his heart to Akilan. Watch the film to find out whether Ramu’s ‘act’ was unearthed or whether Anjali still loved Vimalan’s heart which was now inside Akilan’s body.

Script analysis

KV Anand, the cinematographer-turned director, does dwell deep into unheard of subjects. This time too, he’s taken up a very different script which is unheard of in the annuls of the history of Tamil films. The way he has handled the struggle between (uncontrollable) nature (controllable) science is really commendable. The script has many twists and turns in it, enough to keep the audiences sit glued to the screen for more than two-and-a-half hours.

However, the script is not without its share of flaws. Akilan transforming totally like Vimalan after the demise of the latter is incomprehensible. Also, the director, as a script-writer, could have shown more responsibility and seriousness in showing the involvement of some foreign countries in a volatile issue. The sensibility in dealing with ‘foreign countries’ in the script is sadly missing. The way Suriya gets things done in Ukraine, shown to be under army’s control, smacks of childishness.

Cast and crew analysis

Count on him to dig water from a rock and he’d do it for you. Over the years, Suriya has become a complete actor and slips into the roles given to him with consummate ease and Maatraan is no exception. Suriya’s contrasting display in the roles of Vimalan and Akilan is simply mind-boggling. It’s not his fault that the character lacks the panache towards the story’s end.

Bubbly Kajal Aggarwal looks gorgeous and displays her curvaceous body to great effect, much to the delight of her fans. She shows glimpses of her acting potential as well. Bollywood’s Sachin Khedekar fits the villain’s role as a pair of hands would fit a glove. Every other artiste has done his/her part responsibly.

Stunts are a great revelation for Suriya, who has already emoted and danced his way into the audiences’ hearts. Peter Hein deserves kudos for training Suriya fit enough: watch out for the stunt sequence at the park. Cinematography is very well but songs by Harris Jayaraj are rather unimpressive except for Rettai Kavithai.

However, Harris makes up for an excellent background score throughout the film.

Positive points

Different storyline, fast moving script, Suryaโ€™s solid performance, and spectacular scenes.

Negative points

Lacking in credibility in many portions, not-so-good songs, and tedious second half.


Overall, the film qualifies for interesting viewing with some spectacular scenes and stunts despite some serious logical flaws.

Maatraan: Complicated yet impressive!



  1. Jangri

    I didn’t even know the movie was released…lol.anyways I shall watch it.but from the review here it seems it has traces of ‘ayan’.any one else feel the same way??also in charulatha one of the girl dies and the other survives.not that I am comparing or anything I just told..

    1. Swathy

      Hey guyz, im a die hard surya fan, and to be honest, i loved this movie, it was great to see the adorable surya, and i think he has become the best of the best now, love the scienctific films he does nowadays, i think they’re very interesting and credible, i tlked to many of my friends who watched this, they loved it just as much as i did, but we cudnt stand the part where vimal died…and surya, his tears can make anyone tearful..gr8 film, loved every second, thanks for a gr8 film surya

  2. Surya Fan

    I’m disappointed as a Surya fan – thought it’ll be double dhamaka but turned into too much of a flop ๐Ÿ™

  3. Akash

    It is a totally disappointment for the movie and not up to the expectation. The movie is not at all comparable to earlier hits of KV Ananad Ko and Ayan… This movie is dumb and songs r very bad. Surya has to change himself… he is very keen on showing his 6 pack body than anything better in every movies now a days… In some scenes when hero is too small and heroine is above the hero… One more flop for Surya again…

    1. Kadavul

      Epic lol dude you are Vijay fan right? lol look at how Vijay them dumb ass acts or…he doesn’t even dance bitch!

      1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

        doesnt matter vijay fan or ajith fan or arya fan – we are anti-kullan fans – so shut the fuck up and accept that the homo surya movie sucks – or else go suck his gay dick- u gay moron

  4. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

    Maatraan – Valara Maatraan , Nadikka Maatraan , Dance Aada Maatraan , Police-la Maatraan .. yenna da padam idhu ..thu ..kuppa maathiri .. idhila vekkame illama kullan accepts himself as a bastard ..Velanga ve Maatraan !

    1. Raki

      Hi, I am not a fan of Surya or any other actors. Just by spending few Rs. you are writing this comments. Its your own taste. If you don’t like why are you watching the movie and wasting your time and money. They have spent crores of crores of money and their hard work. Don’t discourage anyone. What did you achieve in your life? Before criticizing others think your position. Learn to appreciate others.

      1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

        good posting Raki – why dont u shut the computer and go save the world – aha u r after alla surya fan but just ashamed of accepting it – thats pathetic ๐Ÿ˜€

        1. umil

          Maatraan is epic bore. soora mokka no doubts on that.. 100% disappointment KV anand disappoints once again after a string of inspired films handld shoddily suriya was equally bad.. But that doesnt give free pass to soothu nakki vijay fans to abuse other actorsfans…

        2. umil

          Maatraan is epic bore. soora mokka no doubts on that.. 100% disappointment KV anand disappoints once again after a string of inspired films handld shoddily suriya was equally bad.. But that doesnt give free pass to soothu nakki vijay fans to abuse other actorsfans..

          1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

            umil ( alias spit ) – dont assume visay fans lick his ass – unlike surya fans – so dont try to see the world based on ur personal sutha nakkum experience – u sootha nakkum stinking homo bastard !

    2. Name

      Whatever you say, he is earning crores and he has millions of fan following. What did you achieve in life (except this useless comments) ?

    3. Mag

      Dei venghayam, villakennai mundam…nee enna panai maram uyarama…adhu sari..unakku arivunnu onnu valandhirukka?

      1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

        kulla payala pola 7aam arivulaam illa but common sense irukku – unna maathiri sori paya surya fansukku aapu kudukka adhu podhum…pothikittu pongada ..kulla pasanagala – aalum valaranum , arivum valaranum – adhuthaan da valarchi ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Raw

    All Surya haters , think before u comment, calling somebody kullan or their appearance is degrading . In life if u have felt personally u will understand. Take a trip to the children hospital to see how many children suffer from deadly diseases and have birth diffects and do we reject them. Gandhi faught for humanity, but India still struggle from hurting women, child abuses and cast.

        1. Cimcifuga

          Dont comment on somebody’s physical appearance, God is watching you…..God hates haughtiness, if he gives dwarf child to you, what will u do?

  6. Cinema Periyan

    AAha….. Padam vanthu Mokai inu puriyuthu…..
    Namma samugam…padam parthu valarntha samugam…. So namma poyee paaboam…

    But I think it is going to be like Charulatha… even Priyamani acting was Good in that movie…..

    Note : Cinema should come out from Corporate producers to get some good movie.. ithuku oru example Sasi yoda padam..

    Neega fight pannatheinga !!! avanuga elam nallathaan irukanuga !!
    Amma “RAW” ithu poyee .. Gandhi ..Nehru ellam quote pannatha…. Namma.. nammale parthukuvoam… yarumae nallavan illa….

    1. Aiyo!

      Well said. Some people realise this only after a bitter experience,let them! Arithe arithe manidaray pirapathu arithe. But people like this never understand this,they waste their life time by talking and hurting others.

  7. Indian

    eppa yen-pa ipdi puthusa try panni mokka vaanguringa? valakam pola masala movie eduka vendithana? ivanungaluku ellam sura, velayutham, aathi-nu ore maari movie eduthathan pudikum, 2 kuthu song, heroin-oda 2 romance song, 2 item song, apram climax-la makkala kaapathura scene… ipdilam irundhathan padam… loosu payalunga vandhutanunga padatha pathi review kuduk… vijay-ku support pandratha ninachi avan maanatha neengathan vaanguringa, ennaiku matha actor-aiyum mathichi avanga padathaiyum nalla pdamnu othukuraingalo annaikuthan andha vijay paya padamum oda vaaypu iruku… ipdi ella actors fan-aiyum morachikitu thirinja poga poga evanum mathika matanga ivanungala (ipo mattum yaar mathikira)…. ekkedavathu kettu olingada….

    1. Jangri

      rightly said! @ indian

      they said surya is a thalai ganam pidithavan.evanga rombha down to earth na yethuku surya va mattam thatturanga?the only fault they can say is surya is short.yeppo paaru kullan kullan nutu.yes,average man ku he is short so??why matha actors oda fans ellam rombha nettai nu nenappo??short fans eruntha che pongada thu nu verati vituduvangala??short nu solranga appo world’s shortest man ah ennanu solvanga??

      vijay ah thooki veikartha nenachu avan maanatha avan fans than vaanguthunga.if you want to praise ur star,go ahead and do that but not at the expense of other actors that only shows ur cheap mentality and how headstrong you guys are.even if you want to debate about their movies let it be a healthy non offensive discussion.

      vijay fans panra akkaporu thaanga mudiyala.seri enamo panitu poranganu vitta koncham kuda uruthal illama pachaiya pesuranga,ladies and family ah vambuku ilukuranga.i don’t see ajith surya vikram fans talking so lowly about women unless they are provoked by some vijay fan.because of their foul mouth,no one wishes to argue with a vijay fan,so those fans take it as a victory that they or their star cannot be beaten.but the fact is people already know vijay fans are incorrigible.dushtana kanda doora vilagu nu solra mathiri vijay fans ah kanda elarum doora vilaguranga.

      enna panrathu kaliyugam..kettathu thalaivirithu aatam poduthu nallava onnum seiya mudiyama vedikai parka vendiyatha eruku.bagavan than kapathanum…

      1. linkham

        dei jangri! we can tell the same thing about surya… go and checkout the antivijay’s page on fb…then you can tell who is provoking vijay fans…got the fact right before you talk…!

        1. Indian

          u idiot, anti vijay fans page-a create pannathu surya fans illa. u get the fact before talk… i know the person of creating anti vijay fans, most of them are Rajini fans…. the reason they created this page bcz vijay fans are telling that vijay is the next super star… super star aga endha thaguthiyum illama naara naai ellam super star-nu soldra kadupula-than avanga pages start pannathu… but visay buns anti surya fans start panna ore kaaranum, surya padam varusaiya hit aagi visay image kuraiya arambichathuthan… ana andha muttalgaluku theriyala, avanunga kurai solla vendiyathu vijay-athan…. first ajith-ta mothunainga, apram surya, ipolam vikram dhanush simbhu-nu yaaraiyum vittu vaikirathu illa. ellaraikum kalaikirandra name-la mokka potutu thiriyranunga… epo ivanunga thirundha poranunganu therila…. we are good cinema fans, that y we love all movies and all good actors and that’s y we can’t accept visay as a actor… ivanuku ellam support mayira pudunga koojakal vera… chey….

        1. Indian

          ur name suppose to be visay-in jaaldra sangam… u mother fucker, i can tell by post that u that fuckn visay fan…
          i have never ever seen dumb fans like vijay fans… theriyamathan kekren, matha fans yaaraiyum vittu vaikama ketta vaarthaila thitringa, apdi ellaraiyum thitti unga visay-a uyarthi pesura alavuku avnta onnume illa…. ajith, surya, vikram, simbhu, dhanush-nu yaar fans-aiyum vittu vaikirathu illa. matha actors ellarum atleast different-a try pannavathu seyranga, ivanum irukan 20 jenmam eduthalum ore maari-than nadipan… ivanuku kooja thookurathuku aalunga vera… chey, really shame on u guys… unga ellarukum epo sandhosham varum??? ella actors-aiyum nadika koodathunu sollitu unga visay-a mattum nadika sonna sandhoshama irupingala? ithu epdi iruku theriyuma? naanga mattum vaalndha pothum ellaraiyum konnudalam-nu soldra maati iruku… u all r terrorist for good cinemas… u will never ever gonna support any good movies…
          I just love all actors except visay… vijay-a veruka kaaraname ungala mathiri fans avan pera sollikitu ellaraiyum asinga paduthurathunalathan…. chi epdiyavathu poi tholaingada naara pasangala….

          1. Jangri

            @indian, yes i agree with ur comment.i too am not a fan of any actors,i support good film and acting regardless of the actor.visay did do some good movies in the past like kathaluku mariyathai but nowadays its all crap.i can’t stand his over alapparai.avan fans athukum mela.maybe as you say these visay pans want only him to act in films.they want to kick visay’s competitors out of the industry,when that happens only then their bowel movements will be regular.till then they will be constipating and vent that anger/frustration on other actors and their fans like this.visay pans all have one motto: namma thalaivaruku rendu kannu ponalum paravayilla aana matha actors oda oru kannaiyavathu pidungama vidamattom.matha actors ah kurai solrathum avanga fans ah kochaiya pesarthume polappa vechikitu suthuranunga thooo…ethunga ellam solli thirunthura jenmanga kedayathu,as you epadiyavathu poi tholayattum nu vittuda vendiyathuthan.

          2. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sanga uruppinar

            u mother fucker.. go and check ur mother first probably he is sharing bed with surya,, non sense,, i am not the fan for any useless actor,, Did i comment anything against ur mother first,, This shows u born for dirty bitch..

  8. preethi


  9. Surya Fan Club President

    okay okay we accept the movie is bad – but please watch it – we will pay you out of Agaram foundation emergency fund ..please we beg you guys ๐Ÿ™

  10. rockrock

    guys r u stupid please appreciate Indian, Hollywood director take stupid movie with graphic and u like it, but Indian director telling the true and putting lots of hard work and u don’t like it. this movie give us good message don’t buy any product for children cause you know they putting in advertisement complan and more so don’t believe anything, this also you can’t understand, you guys are really stupid.

  11. lankan


    1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sanga uruppinar

      ur mother is definitely a prostitute,, Useless bastard Lankan Go to hell,, And take this kullan also with u .. tamilnadu will be happy,, The person whoever worshipping any actor must be a idiot,

  12. Hari

    Guys a new version of maattrraan is gonna be showed from today which is gonna be 21 minutes shorter in the second half. Now the flim will be much better

    1. Kullan Surya Olipavar Sangam

      Ahem .. just like the kullan – the movie is also now short – ha ha ha – kulla payale -konjam thalli poi vilayadu ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Tamizhan

        Unnoda kamanta paartha nee oru personality aana, rich aana, remba thirmai ulla alunnu ninaikiren. Nee mudhalla mariyadhaya pesa kathuko piragu unnai pathi un kudumbam pathi develop panna kathuko. Piragu aduthavanai kamant pannalam. ok? genius and fantastic world star?

  13. Surya Fan Club President

    Hari is correct – we are deleting Surya’s scenes and hopefully movie will be watchable for everyone – please we beg you guys to come and watch the movie now ๐Ÿ™

    1. Indian

      dai mayiru nee surya fan illa-nu ellarukum theriyum, surya pera-a keduka surya fan-u sonna nambiduvangala. indha kedu ketta velaiya seyya visay fans-ala mattum-than mudiyumnu ooruke theriyum. better luck next time…

  14. umil

    visaya aunty davidia pull has not given a hot fr 5 years along with alith aunty in that way suriya is a lot better

  15. karthikramaswamy

    Maatraan suryas acting is superb.He again proved himself that he is a best actor.First half simply superb second half very worst and childish unbelievable.Other draw back of the movie is music songs and RR is not good. My mark is 2 stars out of five

  16. Siva

    Bravo attempt by K.V Anand .. he always taken serious social issues in his movies this time also taken the impact of science and international super power bad behaviour towards developing country like us .. Climax is simply superb.. people who can keenly watch and observe that the scientist (surya’s father) who used the children as “laboratory rats” killed by the same rats .. Hats off surya keep going ..

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