Maari Movie Review

Maari Movie review

Maari Movie review

Maari Movie Review
Maari Movie Review

Cast: Dhanush, Kajal Aggarwal, Vijay Yesudas,Robo Shankar
Written and directed by: Balaji Mohan
Produced by: Listin Stephen, R. Sarathkumar,Raadhika Sarathkumar
Music: Anirudh Ravichander
Cinematography: Om Prakash


Maari (Dhanush) is a local thug and a leader in conducting pigeon races, feared by local people due to a suspicious murder attributed to him and his proximity to a don Velu (Shanmugaraja) who indulges in red sanders smuggling and also has political influences.

Arjun (Vijay Yesudas) who takes charge as Sub Inspector in the local police station wants to seeks for a valid proof to nab Maari for the murder and also arrest Velu

He succeeds in doing that by executing a ploy but only then people come who considered him to be his saviour had ulterior motives

The rest forms how Maari saves himself, bails out Velu and regain control of the area.

Script Review:

Director Balaji Mohan who has given a couple of movies with sensitive subjects has entered into a full-fledged masala zone. If anyone had any doubt if this soft styled director could succeed in the area that is dominated and excelled by the likes of Hari and Dharani, Maari could sweep away such suspicions.

Balaji has given us an uninhibited and unpretentious masala film through out. Dhanush dons the character of a thug and his soft side is only towards the birds he grows with passion and love. The characterization has been maintained through out the film.

While dhanush character is consistent, Vijay Yesudas and Kajal Aggarwal’s characters have surprise twists. This twist makes the movie interesting. The fight is not between a baddie and a good police. It is a fight between a baddie and a bad cop who is worse than him/wicked than him. This makes the movie interesting.

Balaji has presented these aspects with some complications and suspense well. He has also developed the build up to the finale well. The tug of war between police and Dhanush has the momentum till the end. Police officer’s tie up with Dhanush’s rival group makes it more interesting.

The punch dialogues, signature scenes of Dhanush have been well thought off.

On the flip side Kajal’s character looks very poor though the twist in the character helps the movie up to some extent. The first half is full of fun and lot of build up but it has no substance to keep the movie going. The director banks more on style than substance in the first half. He compensates it in the second half but the way the cop turning bad is not shown credibly. Cop’s actions after a point become predictable.

There is nothing wrong in showing a baddie as a protagonist but it is objectionable that the script tends to justify his ways and means without giving any solid reasons. Portraying a rowdy is different from celebrating the rowdyism. Balaji’s script tends to cross the limit through dialogues and incidents.

It should also be stated that the dialogues proclaiming or justifying bad characteristics get overwhelming response from the audiences. Every time Dhanush confirms that he is a baddie the crowd erupts in cheer. It shows that Balaji knows the pulse of average audience that come to enjoy a mass masala. Having said that we must add that the movie as a whole is not that engaging.


Dhanush has done what is expected from him in such a script. His style, subtle emotions, sarcasm, anger, dancing, and fighting are thoroughly enjoyable. The role doesn’t throw any challenge to ACTOR Dhanush but it offers a lot to STAR Dhanush and the star utilises it perfectly. The overwhelming response in theatres is a testimony to his growing stardom. The movie reiterates and enhances his star status.

Kajal has been used for a twist and that saves her character being a called a ‘waste’

Vijay Yesudas has made an emphatic debut in a character with grey shade.

Robo Shankar as the side-stick to the hero is hilarious. His comments and reactions add entertainment to the first half.

Anirudh Ravichander’s music caters to the basic instincts. All songs are peppy kuthu numbers that make the audiences dance. Even the BGM is loud. The scene where the birds have fled after the fire accident gives a good chance for some good music. Here too the music director goes overboard. But it is mass appealing, to say the least.

Positive aspects

Mass appeal
Dhanush’s performance
Peppy songs
Twists in the tale

Negative aspects

Lack of credibility in the script
Slow first half
Dialogues that justify rowdyism..


Maari is a comedy action drama with lot of commercial elements. The fun element, Dhanush’s star value, mass appealing scenes, and the twists make the movie watchable.

Maari: Unadulterated Masala movie


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