Leelai Movie Review

Leelai Movie Review – Fresh and Engaging

Leelai Movie Review

Leelai Movie Review

Cast: Shiv Pandit and Manasi, Santhanam
Direction: Andrew Louis
Music: Satish Chakravarthy
Cinematography: Velraj

Saying that debutant Andrew Louis’ Leelai is yet another love story would be an understatement. It does have love as its theme but the way the director goes about it gives the movie a fresh look and makes it an enjoyable fare.

Leelai‘ talks about urban love. Andrew Louis thinks differently and deviates from the routine path on which most of the love movies tread.


Leelai is about urban love. Set in the backdrop of the IT industry, the movie speaks about the nuances of romance among the educated middle class of the city.

Karthik (Shiv Pandit) is a typical fun-loving city guy youngster and loves to run behind women and seems to develop a crush almost immediately. The heroine Malar (Mansi) also studies in the same college. They cross each other’s path and there isn’t love-lost between them.

Leelai begins in a campus. Karunai Malar (Manasi Parekh) and her friends are students in an engineering college. She first comes across one Karthik (Shiv Pandit), who is believed to be a ‘habitual’ lover. He is a guy who falls in love with a girl and ditches after a point, it is believed. Incidentally one of Malar’s friends too seems to be the victim of his habit. So Malar develops a prejudice against him.

Later they meet each other as professionals. Karthik avoids any contact with Malar but circumstances make them come closer. After seeing her from close quarters Karthik is attracted towards her. He starts trying to woo her but Malar has no soft corner for him. But Karthik is determined in what he thinks.

Do they unite in matrimony? Does Malar’s bad opinion on Karthik vanish? How they sort out things?

Script analysis

Director Louis has given us a breezy and sophisticated movie by his approach to the subject and narration. Most part of the movie is interesting and entertaining.

‘Leelai’ begins as a campus crackle and manages to sustain the interest for the better part. The way the director has depicted the characters shows his maturity as a writer. That he hasn’t treaded in clichéd path is refreshing. He has the knack of showing the emotions and the nuances of the way the mind operates in a subtle manner. The dialogues are quite effective and realistic too.

The problem with the movie is the last part leading to the climax. Director could have made it better. The movie drags for the last 20 minutes. But the good work done so far is good enough to save the movie.

Cast and crew

It is a rather good debut for Shiv Pandit and Mansi and their chemistry is one of the movie’s strength. They look good on screen and enact their respective ropes well.

Santhanam donning the role of the hero’s friend as usual ensures smooth flow of the movie with his contribution.

Music by Satish Chakravarthy is good but the usage of songs leaves much to be desired.

Velraj’s camera work is one of the highlights of the movie. He give the fine look for this urban movie.

Plus Points

Fresh approach to the subject, sensitive handling of the nuances of relationship, comedy, cinematography, and acting by the lead pair.

Negative Points

The dragging moments towards the end and the usage of songs.


Leelai is a feel good entertainer based on love and its nuances in a realistic manner.

Leelai: Fresh and engaging


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