Kootathil Oruthan movie review

Kootathil Oruthan movie review

Kootathil Oruthan movie review
Kootathil Oruthan movie review

Director: T.J. Gnanavel
Cast: Ashok Selvan, Priya Anand, Samuthirakani
Music: Nivas Prasanna
Cinematography: PK Verma

Journalist turned filmmaker T.J. Gnanavel’s Kootathil Oruthan is a movie that speaks about the average people who do not attract any attention for anything, be it good or bad. The movie tries to drive home the point that being average is not a crime and that any average person can create wonders in others’ lives.
Arvind (Ashok Selvan) is a typical middle bench guy, who doesn’t make any impact on anything he does. He gets sidelined in his class and home. His presence is hardly felt or appreciated anywhere.

Arvind’s life changes when he meets Janani (Priya Anand), a state-topper. Arvind is instantly attracted towards her but he cannot get close to her as he doesn’t have any special quality to attract her. Worse, Janani makes it clear that he must achieve something to think of her friendship.
Arvind is left clueless but he gets help from an unexpected quarters. Sathya (Samuthirakkani), a good natured local dada, helps Arvind, as the later has saved his son. Dada’s efforts put Arvind on a high pedestal. Soon everyone starts talking about him. Janani is impressed with Arvind.
Though Arvind is on cloud nine, he feels guilty for the way he has become so famous. Though he cannot afford to lose Janani, he decides to tell her the facts behind his achievements. However, he unexpectedly gets exposed and hence his position becomes weaker.
Who is behind this and why he is doing so? How does Arvind cope up with this setback? What happened to his love? Does he stay average throughout his life?
Watch the movie to know the answers.

Script analysis:
Gnanavel has touched a very sensitive aspect of our lives. He speaks for those who are not at all talked about. He has also driven home the point that one doesn’t need to have special talents to lead a meaningful life. He makes the audiences to look beyond success and failure to appreciate the human beings.
Gnanavel has thankfully avoided advices and philosophical discourses that are common with such feel-good movies. He has presented the movie with some realistic depiction of the protagonist and his experiences. The turning points in the life of Arvind might look artificial but the director has deliberately made them fabricated by a character and hence brings some credibility to these developments.
The first half interestingly depicts Arvind’s average-ness. Balasaravanan’s comical act in the first half is by and large appealing. The twists in the second half provide the much needed nuances that bring this feel good movie closer to reality. The fate of the dada and the setback of the protagonist are realistically portrayed. The change in Arvind’s life after his downfall looks real and convincing. The tribute to the champions of social causes at the end is commendable.
The director goes overboard in depicting the live of an average man to be so miserable. The events that make the average man as a hero could have been more realistic. Janani’s responses to Arvind look clichéd in many situations. The twist in climax leaves much to be desired.

Ashok Selvan has done full justice to his role. His body language and facial expressions are quite apt. He has depicted the helplessness, inferiority complex, romance and guilt feeling well.

Priya Anand has rendered a mature performance. Samuthirakani, Nasser, John Vijay have proved their calibre. Bala Saravanan’s one liners and timing are enjoyable.

Nivas Prasanna’s songs are soothing the ears. The song Nee Indri stands out. PK Varma’s camera work is pleasant.

Positive points:
Plot and treatment

Negative points:
Clichés in characterisations
Unrealistic turning points
Exaggerated depiction of the plight of the average persons

Kootathil Oruthan is a feel-good entertainer with some nuanced treatment and a powerful message.

Kootathil Oruthan: Tonic to the so called average people

Rating: 3 stars

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