KO Music Review

Harris Jayaraj's latest effort KO
Harris Jayaraj's latest effort KO

Movie: KO
Star Cast: Jeeva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair,Piaa Bajpai and Prakash Raj
Direction: K. V. Anand
Music: Harris Jayaraj

1 Netri Pottil

Singers: Naresh Iyer

Lyrics: Karky


Very energetic start, there is energy in the song from the first word itself; the string section with tickling arpeggios sound nice and it really glues down the song together, the interludes have a soothing melodic touch to them. It surely started on with a pride, later on melting into talking about Cafes, Facebook and everything in between. Meant totally for the young at heart the clever hook Pa pa paa pa paa was a cool experimentation. The transitions really did not hold our attention for sure.

2 Ennamo Yeadho

Singers: Aalaap Raju & Prashanthini

Rap & Lyrics: Sricharan & Emcee Jesz

Lyrics: Karky


Zoom in and out kind of feeling in the start sets the start for this one it surely catches you by surprise. The response part to the verse is the cherry on the cake, and the soulful lead playing in the back brings a fresh approach. One thing that has stood out from the song and that is Prashanthini cameo, as usual she never fails to deliver be it just 5 seconds or 5 minutes she knows how to really nail it whatever be her role, professional! The later part of the song sees great efforts by the rapper too. The song ending could have been better. If there is a song that you will be humming first it will be this one for sure. Although the chorus gets so repetitive by the end and it was a long wait for our tastes, nevertheless an effective track.

Best part of the song:

Edho kuviyamilla, kuviyamilla oru katchi pezhai.

Ooho uruvamilla, uruvamilla naalai

Edho kuviyamilla, kuviyamilla oru katchi pezhai.

Ooho arai manathaai arai manathai vidiyithu en kaalai.

3 Gala Gala

Singers: Tippu, Krish, Haricharan & Sayonara Phili

Lyrics: Kabilan


Well this one definitely has a hooky inviting intro, but again the instrumental breaks stand out way better as the vocals stubbornly cease to change their character. This one has an extensive use of chord and synth accompaniment as is the case with Ennamo Yeadho. The start of the song is really kicking with the guitar patches playing their parts well. One more noticeable tit bit was the use of rhythmic vocalizations towards the end, nice change. The male singers have injected equally in response to Sayonara Phili, gusto effort again.

4. Venpaniya

Singers: Sriram Parthasarathy & Bombay Jayashree

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay


The intro to the song sounds so influenced by Chinese strings. The perfect beat recycled again .Nevertheless; it totally gets you a romantic elevation as Bombay Jayashree steams it up with her soulful blues. You will be sucked in when she just hums uh hmm! Just wait for this one to hit you! For once we thought it could have been done without the guitar parts. The in between breaks are so eastern, well this one will make you feel weightless in air floating above the skies for sure, yes indeed! Have a listen for the experience. The backing choir like effect Harris achieved on this is applaudable, well he definitely has ended this in stunning style.

5. Aga Naga

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Tippu, Ranina Reddy, Priya Subramani & Solar Sai

Rap & Lyrics: Srik & Emcee Jesz

Lyrics: Pa. Vijay


Rappers enter! Welcome, Vanakam. Really the rapping has been taken to inhuman levels with some audio editing listen to the part where he sings ‘Thaaka thaakave thudikudhe nenjam’. Smart! The beat backing was just a passable affair we have heard it a million plus times. The way ‘Whoa’ has been sung blatantly seems be so much inspired by those 50 Cent albums. The break really came in when the music really drained us out and ended too soon, well was it really a desperate attempt to end the song on a high literally?

6. Amali Thumali

Singers: Hariharan, Swetha Mohan & Chinmayi

Lyrics: Viveka


Great reggae beat going for this, but the biggest surprise is Hariharan’s voice, I bet you couldn’t tell it was him singing. Could you? To tell you frankly it might be the reason this did not really swing the way a Hariharan song does. The break sections seemed tailored for great visuals to fill it up during the movie, vocal samples have been used at instances. A little bit of percussions sounding close cousins to the Tabla spice up the song for a bit. The composer had tried well enough to save all his tricks for this one be it the claps on the downbets the nasty vocal pan effects and samples, well all the elements in a Harris song! Here it is, but there has been a slight miscalculation when it came to balancing the elements we fear. This one rides more on Hariharan and we really enjoyed the part where he starts Poova Poova.

Harris Jayaraj has still not decided to move a little way and experiment. We wait impatiently for another Harris album to blow us away.



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