Kazhugu Movie Review

Kazhugu Movie Review – Flying high albeit slowly

Kazhugu Movie Review

Kazhugu Movie Review

Cast: Krishna, Bindhu Madhavi, Karunaas and Thambi Ramiah
Direction: Sathyasiva
Production: Talking Times
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: Sathya

Amidst feel-good jolly films considered a safe bet in Tamil cine, rarely come films that take a look on the lives and emotions of ordinary people who do extraordinary things for their survival. Kazhugu is one such movie that tries to talk about the lives of the men who recover dead bodies of suicide victims who jump off the cliff in Kodaikanal.


Kazhugu is set in Kodaikanal. Sera (Krishna), Shanmugham (Thambi Ramiah) and Nandu (Karunaas) earn their livelihood by carrying a dead body up from the bottom of the cliff. Death is no taboo for them.

Things take turn when Sera comes across Kavitha (Bindhu Madhavi). Until then, he was man with wooden heart with no place for emotions. Sera marries Kavitha thanks to the efforts of Nandu and Shanmugham against all odds and life begins on a fresh note for him.

Fate takes a turn as Ayya (Jayaprakash) enters. His act leads to trouble in the lives of Nandu and Shanmugham. Now Sera goes on the revenge mode as he wages a battle with Ayya. Watch the movie to know what transpires in this battle.

Script Analysis

The beauty of the movie is that the director Sathyasiva manages to do it without having to visually portray the gory scenes. The movie is close to realism yet it has come out as a sophisticated take on the cruelty.

Bindhu Madhavi, Karunaas and Thambi Ramiah form part of the cast and with limited faces, the director has managed to narrate convincingly the touchy tale without any commercial compromise.

The movie has a few lacunae in terms of a lengthy second half and predictable climax. But the fact is Sathyasiva’s firm grip over the medium and no compromise to lap it up with commercial elements, makes it an interesting watch.

Cast and Crew Analysis

Krishna plays the lead role. After commercial outings in Alibaba and Kattradhu Kalavu he has managed to come up with an engrosser that proves his mettle as an actor who can do a challenging role.

Krishna has come out with a matured performance. From a wayward youth to adorable husband, he has enough scope to perform and utilise it well.

Bindhu Madhavi emotes well. Her expressive eyes are her asset. She unlike most of the contemporary heroines gets a meaty role and handles it with ease.

Karunaas and Thambi Ramiah has come up with a make believe performance and it is subtle and natural. Jayaprakash’s act as suave villain goes well with the story.

Sathya has cranked the camera capturing Kodaikanal well, while Yuvan Shankar’s tunes elevates the mood.

Positive Points:

Sensitive story, realistic portrayal, camera work, performance, and music.

Negative Points:

Lengthy second half and predictable climax


Kazhugu appeals with its storyline and execution. A better second half could have made the films a far better product.

Kazhugu: Flying high albeit slowly


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