Kattappava Kanom movie review

Kattappava Kanom movie review

Kattappava Kanom movie review

Kattappava Kanom movie review
Kattappava Kanom movie review

Written & Directed by: Mani Seiyon
Produced by: WindChimes Media Entertainments
Cast: Sibiraj, Aishwarya Rajesh, Mime Gopi, Kaalai Venkat, Yogi Babu, Thirumurugan, Chitra Lakshmanan, Mimicry Sethu
Music by: Santhosh Dhayanidhi
Cinematography: Anand Jeeva


Kattappava Kanom is out and out a comical fare revolving around a missing Feng Sui fish.
Pandi (Sibiraj) is considered as bad luck Pandi by his father, who is an astrologer. He meets Meenu (Aishwarya Rajesh) in a pub and impressed by her character. Both get married and stay separately in an apartment. Pandi’s old friend gifts him a lucky fish and that changes his life forever.

The fish is Feng Sui fish and it belongs to a rich man Minjur Vanjiram (Mime Gopi), who thinks that his prosperity is due to the fish. The fish is stolen by a petty thief (Yogi Babu) and it travels to many places. Finally it reaches Pandi through his old friend.

Meanwhile three rowdies pressurize Pandi to tell them the hidden place of four crores belonging to a rich man who died in an accident. Pandi was near by the rich man when he died and hence the rowdies think that Pandi knows the secret. They put Pandi and Meenu in house arrest and pressurize them to reveal the secret.
All these complications and characters working in cross purposes lead to funny situations and culminate in a hilarious climax.

Script analysis
Debutant director Mani Seiyon’s movie has the potential to be another Soothu Kavvum with its absurd situations and bizarre characters. The director smartly constructs the complication over the lucky fish and the secret over the four crores rupees. Lot of characters and their cross purposes add give scope to funny screenplay. The director has made use of them well and hence the movie makes you laugh throughout. Making a fish as the central theme is a bold attempt and the director has handled it well.

The director has made many aspects in a different ways. He has shown a hero who gets beaten up by rowdies. He shows a heroine who finds her boy friend in a pub. The characterizations of others including Mime Gopi add colour to the movie.

However, the way Pandi and Meenu’s problems are handled leaves much to be desired. Though the house arrest drama gives room for laughter, the scenes lack credibility. The investigation drama looks very weak. How the young couple manages to meet both ends is a big question mark. The double entendres are too much and too filthy to digest.

Though there are many characters, we are not able to identify with any of them. Mime Gopi’s obsession with the lucky fish is not appealing as we don’t get to know the depth of the relationship between Gopi and his fish. The writing isn’t tight enough. The pace of the narrative is not upto the mark. The movie does have some enjoyable comedy in the narrative. But they are not adequate.

Sibi plays an unusual hero. He does a good job. Aishwarya gets a sumptuous role and does full justice for it. Mime Gopi, Kaali Venkat and Yogi Babu are good.
The dialogues by the director are lively. He could have avoided some of the obscene jokes.
Jeeva’s cinematography is flawless. Santhosh Dhayanithi’s music is worth mentioning in terms of background score.

Positive points

Fun filled script
Interesting characters
Making a fish as the central theme
Interesting twists

Negative points

Lacking in pace
Double entrants
Lack of coherence
Lack of credibility


With better pace and more credibility Kattappava Kanom would have been as an absorbing experience with all its fun and interesting sub plots.
Kattappava Kanom: The fun element appeals up to some extent.
Rating: 2


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