Karungali Movie Review – Mindless and Raw

Karungali Movie Review

Karungali Movie Review

Cast: Mu Kalanjiyam, Anjali, Sunitha Verma, Asmitha, Srinivas
Direction: Mu Kalanjiyam
Production: Sri Gurujyothi films
Music: Srikanth Deva

Director Kalanjiyam turns actor with Karungali. He has chosen a genre that could be termed as psychological story. That he has mixed up too many things with too little logic and finesse mars his efforts.

Story Line

‘Pottalam’ Ravi (played by Kalanjiyam) is an orphan who becomes a hardcore criminal dealing with drug business. He has the hold on his locality and has a weakness for sex. He is hunted by a police when he gets into trouble because of his violence. While trying to run away from the police he stumbles upon a Kanimozhi (Sunitha Verma), who is met with an accident. He saves her life without bothering about getting caught by the police.

Kanimozhi, a doctor by profession is impressed by his noble deed and decides to marry him. She is not intimidated by his horrible past full of sex (he even turns into a necrophiliac) and brutal violence. He kills many including Sengudi (Asmitha), a close associate of Ravi who has been with him right from the time of being a child. She has a blind love for him but he uses her only to satisfy his sexual desire. Ravi’s life is revealed through the testimony of Sengudi, which is given to Kanimozhi. Though Kani realizes that Ravi lives as an animal she believes that she could change him. She weds him after he comes back from the prison after serving a jail term.

Ravi seems to be a changed man after spending six years in jail. He claims that the discussions he had with some religious persons in the jail have enlightened him. He behaves in a better manner and hence Kani is relieved. However his real self comes out when he hears about Kani’s patient Amudha Nila (Anjali) and her predicament due to her inability to give birth to a child.

Ravi’s dormant sexual urge resurfaces. He schemes to have sex with Amudha. He comes close to her pretending to be doctor’s assistant. Amudha’s husband Gunasekharan (Srinivas) too gets deceived by Ravi.

Things get serious when Ravi has almost succeeded in convincing Amudha that he could ‘cure’ her problem. How Amudha is saved and how Kani treats her flawed husband form the rest of the story.

Script Analysis

Kalanjiyam has come out with a story that has some complexities. But he hasn’t done it in a mature and convincing manner. The beginning is promising and the way the boy becomes a ruthless goon has been shown with some credibility. But the doctor opting to marry a man who saves her life is hard to digest. Her stubbornness in marrying him even after knowing his animal like behavior is hardly convincing.

So is the case with his scheming to deceive Amudha. The village girl may be uneducated but no one on earth could be cheated in the manner she gets cheated. Director Kalanjiyam takes too much liberty to tell his story. The ‘technique’ (asking the girl to use him as ‘tablet’ for five minutes to get a child) is both naïve and vulgar.

After a point the director has no clue about how to move the story forward. The scenes tend to become redundant.

To cut a long story short, Kalanjiyam’s Karungali is neither genuine nor engrossing. You cannot identify a single scene as a brilliant one.

Cast Review

Kalanjiyam has ventured into acting but he has got a long way to go as an actor. His expressions, body language, and dialogue delivery are poor to say the least.

Anjali as a naïve girl from a village has done her part well. Sunitha as a doctor is impressive. Both actresses look fine.

Asmitha as a slum girl steals the show in the first half. She has depicted the blind and passionate love well. Srinivas as Amudha’s husband is competitive.

Srikanth Deva’s music has a couple of songs that impress when hearing with the scenes. But they don’t stay in the mind. His background score is horrible. He plays the main villain (behind the scene) with his music.


Karungali is a poor effort made by a director who doesn’t seem to have any clarity on the subject he has chosen to handle. He hasn’t bothered to make anything convincing. He has clearly taken the audience for granted.

Mindless and raw movie sans dignity and brilliance.



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