Kanden Movie Review-Watch out only for Santhanam

Kanden Movie Review


Cast: Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj, Reshmi Gautam, Santhanam, Vijaykumar, Asish Vidhyarthi
Direction: A. C. Mugil
Production: TCS
Music: Vijay Ebenezer
Cinematography: Prashanth D’Misale
Editing: Antony Rooban

This seems to be the season of romantic films. First it was Engeyum Kaadhal and now we have another romance – Kanden. Kanden has Shanthnoo Bhagyaraj (who after numerological name change will hope for a hit), debutante Reshmi Gautham and Santhanam in lead roles.

Debutant director AC Mugil,an associate to choreographer-director Prabhudeva, has tried to mix romance and comedy in appropriate proportion, but he flatters to deceive, thanks to the logic-less sequences throughout the film.

Shanthnoo badly needs guidance in his choice of films.

One of Kanden’s saving graces is comedian Santhanam – the reason you can even sit through the second half.


The story goes like this. Vasanth (Shanthnoo) is the only surviving grandson of a rich patriarch (Vijaykumar), who works in a software firm in Chennai. He wants to marry a girl of his choice and thus he evades all of his grandfather’s efforts to get him married, even lying that he has a girlfriend in Chennai. So his grandfather sets a deadline – bring his beloved to their hometown with her parents’ permission in just 30 days; if not, he would have to kowtow to the old man’s choice.

Thus begins what’s supposed to be a cat-and-mouse game of Vasanth looking for the ideal girl, instantly falls for the predictable fair-skinned heroine Narmadha (Reshmi). It’s love at first sight. He acts as a blind man and wins over her sympathy. Eventually it develops ionto romance and Narmatha never suspects anything, his occupation, home or family. Even more hilarious is the fact that her father, a Police Commissioner (Ashish Vidhyarthi) believes Vasanth too!

All hell breaks loose when Narmadha comes to know that Vasanth’s is not blind. Now a desperate Vasanth with the help of his friend Saami (Santhanam) goes all means to prove his true love for Narmadha. And then, complications arise, which are resolved in supremely silly ways. When everything falls in place and Narmadha forgives Vasanth and gets ready to marry him, he loses vision in a freak mishap.

How they finally get together is told in the climax.


Shanthnoo looks smart and handles his role with ease. He is good at stunts and romantic sequences.

Debutante Reshmi Gautam has precious little to do but wear short dresses and stand around prettily; she looks a lot like the fairer version of Kaadhal Sandhya.

The real scene-stealer is Santhanam, who actually shores up the faltering screenplay and makes sure its going somewhere. It’s he who appears to be having a ball.

Ashish Vidhyarthi and Vijaykumar have been wasted.

Vijay Ebenezer’s music is peppy in parts; Unnai Kandene is catchy.


Comedian Santhanam – As usual his one-liners, quick wits and sarcasm are the movie’s highlights. He comes all through the second half and adds pep to the proceedings.


The basic premise of the story is interesting but AC Mugil has failed to come out with an interesting screenplay. The way the story unfolds on screen is quite boring. There is no single scene that is exciting.

The love between the lead characters is very shallow and Kanden never makes you invest enough emotions in its characters.

The movie is full of redundant happenings filled with usual gimmicks.

The climax is immature. The last ten minutes are so ridiculous it’s not even funny.


The premise of the film may be soaked in love but the reason why the lead pair falls in love with each other appears very flimsy and lacks depth resulting in a flat and abrupt climax. Added to that, there is no chemistry between Shanthnoo and Reshmi.

Santhanam is a riot and if there’s a full paisa vasool feeling after you watch this movie, attribute it to him. His wisecracks, one-liners with and without intended puns and his spontaneity are takeaways in what would have otherwise been a damp squib….

Santhanam – the real hero!!!Shanthnoo better luck next time.



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