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Kalavani Movie Review

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Starring: Vimal, Oviya, Saranya Ponvannan, Ganja Karuppu.
Direction: Sargunam
Music: S S Kumaran
Production: Sherali Films

Kalavani; interesting title; does immediately spark off the image of a young and smart guy who takes to conning people. Something along the lines of a Thiruda Thiruda or the recent Kattradhu Kalavu. Hardly the fact that the movie is directed by a debutant and there are no big stars in it would strike you, as you would be so glued to the film right from scene one.


Vimalraj (the grubby Meenakshi Sundaram from Pasanga) is the ill-behaved son of the gullible Saranya and her husband Ilavarasu. Vimalraj’s financial needs are met by his susceptible mother, whom he either hoodwinks or intimidates to fulfill his frequent needs to gamble or hang out with his friends. He pushes the boat out and spends his time whiling away, aided by his friends. In the course of the time, he also spots a girl and falls in love with her – much to the despair of her brother who nurses a rivalry against him.

But he dares those boundaries and abducts the girl, eventually marrying her. The brother, however, is still fuming with rage and is out to slice him into pieces. But does he do that? And if he didn’t, how did Vimal manage to avert that? All this is answered in an interesting climax that is pleasantly humorous.

Crew Review

For Vimalraj, this role is just a reprisal of his Pasanga chapter and he does it with ease. Oviya fits well to the role of a village belle. The experience of Saranya and Ilavarasu is visible on screen while debutant Thirumurugan marks his presence. Ganja Karuppu as Panchayathu tickles the funny bone.

The director has been successful in bringing a remote village in Tanjore to the screen and the treatment the director has given to the script and the way he narrated the story win all accolades but the dialect takes a beating. It appears butchered and city dwellers will have a hard time deciphering the dialogues. But the cinematography more than makes it up for that.

S S Kumaran (of ‘Poo’ fame), rerecording passes with average marks and a couple of songs


‘Kalavani’ could be a wise choice to spend some quality time



  1. murugan

    <span>Great movie interms of natural acting and direction… but.. still it is an anti hero film in line with many films in the current season… The charactor of the hero is "Tharuthalai" and nothing else. The kidnapping of the girl only for the sake of friend's one side love clearly reflects that the hero character is the real villain in the film. This will surely lead the young & youth students in a negative way only. In my opinion, these type of films are making the key role on the impaction of our society & culture for sure.</span>

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