Kalakalappu Movie Review

Kalakalappu Movie Review

Kalakalappu Movie Review

Kalakalappu Movie Review

Cast: Vimal, Santhanam, Shiva, Anjali, Oviya, Ilavarasu, Subbu
Direction: Sundar C
Production: Avni Cinemax and UTV Motion Pictures
Music: Vijay Ebenezer
Cinematography: U K Senthil

Director Sundar C is back to where he started. The director turned actor has gone back to ‘direction-alone’ after a long time. He has stuck to his strength that is slapstick comedy. He has roped in the likes of Vimal, Shiva and who else, Santhanam to provide us with non stop laughter.

Kalakalappu @ Masala Café, Sundar’s 25th film as a director, has a strong storyline with a lot of sub plots.


Seenu (Vimal) is running Masala Café, which was founded by his forefathers three generations ago. Though he is committed to run the hotel well, his economic constrains and lack of abilities make the hotel a pitiable affair. The hotel catering is taken care by an old chef (Raghavan) and his grand-daughter, Maya (Oviya).

Seenu gets loan from Anjuvatti Azhagesan (Ilavarasu) and struggles to repay. All his plan to revive the hotel backfire.

Madhavi (Anjali), the newly health inspector, gives more reasons to worry. She sends a notice condemning the quality of food served in the hotel.

Seenu falls for her and tries to get her help to revive the hotel.

Seenu’s brother Raghu (Shiva) comes back on bail. He is a wise-cracker. He comes out with some clever plans to revive the fortunes of the hotel. His plans start paying off.

Madhavi goes to her native place where she is forced to marry her relative Vettuppuli (Santhanam). She seeks Seenu’s help to save her. Seenu finds it difficult, as Vettuppuli is hailed as a dada in the area. He doesn’t know that Vettupuli is actually a weak guy who is pretending to be a strong man by spending lot of money.

Local police inspector (John Vijay) uses Raghu’s weakness in gambling and gets the hotel pledged in the gambling. There is track involving some diamonds that travel from Chennai to Kumbakonam. The diamond merchant comes to Kumbakonam with rowdies to redeem his diamonds.

Lots of things are at stake: hotel, diamonds, and love. See the movie to know what happens to each of them.

Script Analysis

Sundar has got a story and a script that has the potential to entertain. He has created a lot of comical situations. Some of the scenes real treat. The scenes involving abduction of Anjali and the climax that integrates all the sub plots stand out. The slapstick comedy is quite appealing.

On the flip side the comical elements by and large lack finesse. The movie tends to drag in the middle. The poorly presented songs serve as speed breakers. Santhanam’s entry in the second half does pep up things but proves to be inadequate, as the too many sub plots affects the focus. The turning points are not strong, especially Shiva losing his hotel.

Cast and Crew Analysis

Vimal as an innocent hotelier is competent. But he has handled similar characteristics in many movies. He has to be careful against being typecast.

Shiva rocks with his punch lines. He makes things move ahead until Santhanam takes over.

Santhanam is like an in-form batsman. He is at ease in depicting the ‘Dada’ role.

Anjali and Oviya fail to impress in weak roles. Their efforts to scorch the screen too fail to serve the purpose.

Ilavarasu is impressive and Subbu is competent. John Vijay as a cunning police officer adds strength to the movie.

Vijay Ebenezer’s background score is okay but his tunes are not captivating. The picturisation of songs doesn’t help either despite abandon skin show by the heroines.

Positive Points

Fun filled screenplay and Shiva and Santhanam’s comedy.

Negative Points

Slow pace, lacking finesse, and songs.


Kalakalappu passes muster as a comedy movie despite some flaws.

Kalakalappu: A fun ride with some irritants


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