Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Review – Fun filled romantic outing

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Review

Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi Movie Review

Cast: Siddharth, Amala Paul, Ravi Raghavendar, Suresh, Balaji
Direction: Balaji Mohan
Production:Sashikanth Shivaji,Siddharth,Nirav Shah
Banner: Y Not Studios in association with Etaki Entertainment
Music: Thaman S

Love stories in any form always attract masses. Kadhalil Sodhappuvadhu Eppadi (KSE) by debutant Balaji Mohan is an interesting tale where mere sequence of events between a lover couple sum up the film. It speaks more about their emotions, ego, understanding of things in their life and value for relationship.


Arun (Siddharth) is a simple youth who falls for Parvathi (Amala Paul), who study in the same college. They initially start as friends. Soon spend time together, exchange numbers and slowly romance blossoms.

Arun’s parents are like his friends, while Parvathay’s parents have difference of opinion almost ready to get estranged after filing for divorce.

After initial romance, Arun and Parvathi start arguing for almost everything and that leads to misunderstandings. Parvathi at one point of time strongly feels that Arun is not sensitive towards her feelings. Arun on the other hand finds Parvathi as a nagging girl. The ups and downs reach a point where the lovers part ways.

Both suffer from the separation while Arun is more confused about what went wrong. He firmly believes that girls cannot be understood. However, he gets to find a way out when he shares his feelings with a friend who has some experience in love.

Script Analysis:

KSE has a wafer-thin storyline. It simply narrates from the hero’s point of view how he developed love with a girl and the events that made up their romantic life and how they ended up parting each other after some bickering. The highlight of the movie is wonderful onscreen chemistry between the lead couple. Thanks to Siddharth’s screen presence and Amala Paul’s convincing performance, the movie makes it to the cut.

What was initially made as ten minute short film has manifested into a feature film. Director Balaji Mohan has taken pains to ensure that when stretched, its momentum is not lost anywhere. The movie does carry a strong message to respect each other’s emotions in love and try adjust to the situation. It harps on a simple philosophy that no one is perfect in and we have to live taking positive things in mind and heart.

The smartness of Balaji Mohan lies in the catchy dialogues and narrating the real-life like situations of contemporary romance. The supporting cast compliments the theme well to give the movie a sophisticated look. There are enough scenes to throw light on romance among contemporary lovers.

On the flipside the movie lacks in depth when it comes to dealing with the relationships. The relationship and conflict between Parvathi’s parents could have been handled well. Their separation and the re-union lack credibility. Some of Parvathi’s outbursts seem to be uncalled for.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Siddharth plays his part well. His energy-level reminds one of his ‘Boys’ days. He is at ease delivering a convincing performance. He should be complimented for the faith he had in the script and gathering guts to co-produce the project.

Amala Paul looks pleasing. She emotes well. She is growing as an actor with each film. The onscreen chemistry between the two works out well.

The likes of Ravi Raghavendar, Suresh, Balaji among others play their supporting roles well.

Nirav Shah’s camera work is fine while Thaman’s bubbly musical score is another highlight.

Kudos to Balaji Mohan who has brought with dignity the contrasting nature of men and women. The highlight of the movie are cool and casual dialogues. They are sure to get a warm welcome among students.

Positive Points

Fun filled scenes, chemistry between the lead pair, performances, cinematography, and music.

Negative Points

Lacking in depth in dealing with the relationships and lacking any exciting element.


KSE is an entertaining movie and a Fun filled romantic outing.


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