Kadhal 2 Kalyanam Music Review – A pleasing effort by Yuvan

kadhal 2 kalyanam Music Review

Kadhal 2 Kalyanam Music Review

Song: Ithu Kadhalai Irinthidumo

Singers: Benny Dayal, Chinmayi

Rating: 4/5

The song has a very techno vibe to it with the bass emphasized thoroughly through the song, the break away sections create a great contrast thanks t the romantic melodies interwoven beautifully, but to be honest this was far away from the melodic songs Yuvan could deliver. Benny Dayal has to be appreciated for a good job and so has Chinmayi.

Song: Natpin kadhaigalai

Singers: Krish

Rating: 4/5

A Latin arrangement here, this one is so soothing you know this is what precisely what a melody and the accompanying rhythm can do when they prefer to be simple yet musical. We love to hum this tune, it has a very modern vibe too it certainly. We think Yuvan loves experimenting using effects on the vocals every now and bringing subtle changes to the vocal texture with the spooky effects. Good job Krish we like your execution in this one. A special one indeed.

Song: Naa Vetta Pora Aadu

Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja, Roshini

Rating: 3/5

Hey Yuvan! you love singing your rap don’t you? This track has a  peppy vibe to it, with enormous beats doing their job backing Yuvan’s rhythmic singing. Well, Yuvan is the limelight in this one and Roshini does her assigned job well. Good rhythm and voice modulation happens yet again when Roshini comes in for the concluding parts in the song although Yuvan is singing throughout.


Song: Vellai Koda

Singers: SP Balasubramaiam and SP Charan

Rating: 3/5

What can we say about this number, we were mesmerized and it is the perfect one to sing along to while have you a walk in the park munching your summer ice cream. Try doing it if you haven’t yet!

The ice-cream can only get more sweeter, what’s there to lose anyway.

Song: Thedi Varuven

Singer: Toshi

Rating: 3/5

Here is an up tempo track that seemed promising, but we really won’t say it is the best in the album, there are the guitars backing the song. Actually on a second thought we think it is the perfect song for a band like setup. With drums and the guitars doing their job well. Folks, there is still no news of the guitarist who played this one so if you come in touch with him let us know guys, he definitely deserves a big hug from us. Is Yuvan in plans to start a band soon we wonder?


Song: Enakkaaga unakkaaga

Singer: Naresh Iyer

Rating: 3/5

So here is Naresh Iyer finally singing along with the gorgeous Andrea Jeremiah, but we were so disappointed that after starting the song with so many ‘mickey mouse’ effects on Naresh Iyer’s vocals we could hardly make out it was Andrea singing who met a similar fate. Yuvan Sir you you could have spared her lovely voice. Moments later we hear her voice untreated and are definitely happy about it. As the song progress there are many tweaks that happen throughout and it bends towards an easy going song with many frequency manipulation effects, just imagine the dj’s going crazy twisting the knobs.

Everything’s going to be ok seems to be the message this one brings along and hence the album concludes on a hopeful ending.


Kadhal 2 Kalyanam is surely a well produced album and Yuvan has a love for playing around with the vocals of his singers particularly , some of the songs are really standing out and provide the much needed contrast to the whole album .Have a listen guys you will certainly like it, it may be disappointing for a few that there are no kuthu numbers in here, for that there is always Mani Sharma. You know guys Kollytalk always has recommendations for all types of listeners.

Stay hooked and come back for a discussion on daddy Ilayaraja’s album Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai soon.Until then have a great time.



  1. Mohana

    After Ilayraraja sir it is YUVAN IS GIVING HIT AFTER HIT. In this modern times giving hit after hit is a difficult thing but YUVAN IS continuosly achieving it.


  2. ram

    Rocking performance by yuvan, Lot of positive energy and style in the songs. Certainly a super hit.
    My ratings Natpin kadaigalai & thedi varuven – 4.5/5 
    others should have been given 4 / 5. 

    CONGRATS YUVAN. I am expecting to see the movie too.

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