Kadamban Movie Review

Kadamban Movie Review

Kadamban Movie Review
Kadamban Movie Review

Cast: Arya, Catherine Tresa, Deepraj Rana
Director: N Raghava
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Cinematography: S.R. Sathish Kumar


The story is about the fight between greedy business people and the tribes in the forest.

Kadamban (Arya) is an energetic and powerful youngster among the tribe. He is courageous, hard working, fighter, and animal lover. He makes a living by collecting honey. Radhi (Catherine Tresa), is mad about Kadamban.

A big corporate firm in the construction industry lead by Mahendra (Deepraj Rana) wants to take the sources from the forest for its business purpose. Since utilising such resources is illegal the corporate company uses other tricks with the help of politicians and police officers. The company wants the tribes to be evacuated to execute its plans. The tribes guided by Kadamban resist such plans. The corporate firm plays a nasty game and succeeds in its purpose. The looting of forest resources start in full swing.

The people gathered around Kadamban wages a war against the company and the system to redeem their forest. The rest of the story deals with who wins and how.

Script analysis:

The director wants to convey the message of the importance of protecting the natural resources especially our forests and mountains. He also wants to tell us the lives of the tribes and their attachment towards the forest. He also wants to stress their right over such natural habitats. He does tell us everything but everything has been told as just messages. He has failed to tell them in a filmy language. The script, which is very flat and predictable, has failed to make us feel the crux.

The director has scored in making the scenes visually appealing. He has also shown the lifestyle and culture of the tribes well. The execution of many sequences including fighting and honey collecting is quite effective. The movie would have made a lasting impact if the director had given more attention to the script. The turning point involving the trust comes as a surprise. The hard work in shooting in the forest and the special effects needs to be appreciated.


Arya’s looks and acting add immense credibility to his character. He has done well in emotional sequences as well. He is quite impressive in action sequences. Catherine Tresa looks beautiful. Her expressions are apt in romantic and sorrowful situations. Deepraj Rana and others are functional.

Cinematography by SR Sathish Kumar has elevated the movie up to a great extent. The special effects are quite impressive. Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja fits well to the narrative. A couple of songs linger in our minds.

Positive points:

Arya’s performance
Background score

Negative points:

Predictable story and script
Flat narrative
Slow moving

Verdict: Kadamban is an honest attempt to draw our attention towards the threat for our natural resources. Unfortunately the film fails to deal this strong message with a strong script.

Kadamban: Hard work goes awry.

Rating: 2.4 stars


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