Kaavalan music review- A total disappointment


Kaavalan music review

Music Director: Vidhyasagar

“Yaar Ithu” 1/5

Singers: Karthik, Suchitra

Lyricist: Yugabharathy

Unusual use of effects that seem so forced. Suchitra chips in for a short stint that is almost ignorable. It is an outright number made for Karthik. Sadly, he has failed to deliver.

The melody keeps begging for a change, a twist, at least a scream, and then you are welcomed by the telephone ringing at its irritating best. Well if this song was meant as a romance track then it will be no surprise that your girl will never respond to you after she listens to this as your caller tune. Vidyasagar did you forget to switch off your phone while recording this one?

“Sadasadavena Mazhai” 1.5/5

Singers: Karthik

Lyricist: Yugabharathy

The beats and melody are at parallels. The composer has indulged in too many elements here again without hesitation. Sambar curry! Sambar curry! hot and ready.

“Vinnai Kaapan Oruvan”- 1.75/5

Singers: Tippu, Swetha

Lyricist: Pa. Vijay

This was an attempt to give all those Illayapathy fans a chance to jump out of their seats to dance; the expected compositional trick of speeding up the tempo of the song at the end of the song was not impressive. Although the song has at least dragged itself close to a mix between kutthu songs and the tried and tested folk influences, the choice of wind instruments was so upsetting nevertheless.

“Step Step” – 1/5

Singers: Benny Dayal, Megha

Lyricist: Vivega

Ok it’s an English Tamilish number or shall we say Tanglish, now the last thing you wanted to hear was the singer singing 1 2 3 4 and then voices accompanying along in chorus Yeah! Yeah! , Benny Dayal should take some rest and start thinking about what better way could be possible in the approach to a song. It merely seems a forced assimilation of rapid English clichés to the least.

“Pattam Puchi”- 2/5

Singers: Kay Kay, Rita

Lyricist: Kabilan

Finally you get one song where there is actually some interaction between the vocalist duo. Well, the songs melody seemed promising but why in this world was it so twisted in the end, with the cheesy UH UH UH UH ! by the singer which totally ruined the melodious path the song had chosen.  The track may have worked 10 years before; we already had so much of this over the years.

At least there was one song that you could give a second listen.

Sorry friends it was a total disappointment, we don’t blame Vijay in anyways but sadly Vidyasagar is also a part of his next venture. We have to wait to see how well these songs will do. Maybe Vijay and Asin’s shootings at Lavasa could overshadow the efforts. It’s hard to believe works like these are applauded with so much pomp in the industry, is the industry blind to real talents or is it all a game of the big names getting involved with the big stars. A sad example on the part of our Tamil industry which has so many trained musicians waiting for a chance.  Although we re glad there are not many of them supporting music like this on the album.

This album totally bags the award for the “Worst musical effort of 2010” and a bad example for the upcoming generation to look up to.



  1. pokiri pramod

    poda tharuthala fans thalapathy inum list le irukar …………what abt tharuthala attar flopu ….

  2. prata

    dude i`m a hardcore vijay fan. but all the songs really suck bad fucking bad. compared to vijay`s previous films. i think only pattam puchi is the best one. and he doesnt have an intro song for this movie fucking hell

  3. Stanly

    ya intha mari yarenthu picha eduravanuku la ethuku websites da badu……………..our thalapthy always rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  4. Stanly

    hey friend see tha mark that has been givren to the songs……………..we should protest to ban this website

  5. san33

    u bloody fake id user.. u can only copy my id.. but ur english is very poor and u cant copy my way of writing comments.. better luck next time.. if u still want to experiment n give comments by using only my id den definitely u r a stupid dumb a**..

  6. san33

    hey wts ur prob..if someone dnt like this movie music .. who d hell to say go do this n that,,,, i cud c who u r from ur id… wasteman… better keep ur id as wasteland.. dat wud suit u…

  7. boss

    hayyy . .. goyalagala .. . .polanthruvann .. . . .vela pundaye irukaatha ungalukelam . .aduthavana kora soldrathe polapu pundaya. . . ..  .music lam nala thaan iruku . .. . .

  8. Bharath Vijay Fan Forever..

    Dei guys already Songs Musical hit… All Class Musical Hit…

    dei indhe thala pichakarange fans ASAL songs hit sonna pasange dhaane.. ivangaluku ellam music na enathe theriyepodhu…

    evn ma Caller tune is Yaradhu.. wow awesome.. all songs… tat too step it up and sada sada… no words to express ma happiness..

  9. Vijay Hater

    Dey Purampokku,

    What you know about music? In behindwoods, also they have given only thumps up for two songs not for all…

    Read it carefully before commenting on the website..

    If you think it is a cheap website…Why did you come here…

  10. sadha

    your site not gonna say too long coz u guys are not fair ..im not a vijay fan but it seems like the admin hates vijay ..when u giving da review dont look at da actor but the songs…songs are pretty much ok..

  11. sadha

    your site not gonna say too long coz u guys are not fair ..im not a vijay fan but it seems like the admin hates vijay ..when u giving da review dont look at da actor but the songs…songs are pretty much ok.. 

  12. shann

    im not going to visit dis site anymore ……because the administrator is favarouble to some people and not to others….
    guys if u need the real news of kollywood go to 2 INDIAGLITZ.COM or BEHINDWOODS.COM

  13. SuryaRoxx

    Songs solliduchchu kaavalan vijyoda aduththa flop oh sorry for his fans aduththa super duper hit…
    Ok guys u happy…
    Oh boys how long u gonnu suck Vijay’s, flop continues Coz of these stupid fans…
    Vijay fans are ass hole, country shits, no1 stupids.
    V always agreed with u vijayfans (mad stupids) vijay is mass his all movies are hits including sura and other heroes are bad….
    Ok u happy guys….
    What a funny…. Lol lol lol…..

  14. movie goer

    mr.thalapathy, vijay’s movie trend is on its down falls mate…don’t be foolish to accept blindly he is the next superstar. You guys are promoting filmstars to earn millions and remember its going out from your pockets. U foolish guys…when r u going to learn a lesson?   

  15. dinesh

    For step step step it up song itself they given 1 out of 5 only… From this we can confirm that they are in motive to create bad impression about songs…..

  16. a die hard vijay fan.

    I dont know who has done this music review.
    but know i thing he is not apt for this job.
    if u dont like vijay and his films.fair,
    but atleast make a fair deal about the songs
    of his films.
    be fair in ur job yaar!

  17. Prem Vijay

    Ajith paduthula song onu irukurathea theriyathu..avan fan ellam Vijay film song pathi review yeluthuran..kalikalam nu soluvanga athu ithu thana…

  18. drums mani

    dei ajith fansssssssssss,,, enga vj film a thayanithi mathiri politicians think pana mattuntha fail pana mudiyum but ungq tharuthala films ku yarum ethuvum pana venam eppothume failure than da so dont give a rate for my vj songs……..

  19. mur

    dai first andha tharuthala padathula erudhu oru song gavadhu kekamudiudha da. vijay songs ku review kudukurathuku ungaluku ellam arukathaiye kadiyathu pa  
    poi unga tharuthalaya nalla songs kuduka sollunga  

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