Ishtam Movie Review

Ishtam Movie Review

Ishtam Movie Review

Ishtam Movie Review

Cast: Vimal, Nisha Agarwal, Santhanam
Production: Balaji Real Media,
Direction: Prem Nizar
Music: Thaman
Cinematographer: Shekhar Joseph

Prem Nizar’s Ishtam is a remake of telugu super hit movie ‘Yemaindi Ee Vela’. The movie tries to speak about today’s educated urban youngsters, their mindset and their approach towards relationships.


It is about a love affair between today’s urban youngsters. Saravanan (Vimal) and Sandhya (Nisha) love each other but their affair doesn’t proceed in the right way. They quarrel for many things. The friction reaches a point that they decide to part ways.

Turn of events brings them together again and the second innings seems to be smooth. They feel very happy about the reunion and decide to get married.

Another turn of events however, pushes things backwards and the lovers find themselves in deep trouble. The problems created by the past continue to haunt them.

How they handle the situation? Do they manage to settle down or they head toward another split? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Script Analysis

Emotional quotient works to some extent. It is a different role for Vimal, who is often seen in films based on rural themes and old-fashioned attire.

The film aims at youth. It speaks about, love, lust, and heartbreaks. It also looks into the institution called marriage. The portrayal of the youngsters’ minds is okay but the script generalizes the attitude, which is not acceptable. It goes with the clichéd judgment on today’s youth. One has to look closer to find the truth.

Unfortunately the movie is satisfied with generalizing that that seems to be the major weakness of the movie.
The casting of Vimal is another minus point. The actor has done his best but he cannot do justice to the urban character, as this is not his forte.

The movie has its bright moments in terms of portraying the emotions. The dialogues too have come out very well.
The comedy and glamour also work well for the movie.

Cast and Crew

Vimal is donning the role of an urbane and ultra modern youth for the first time. He tries his best to look credible in the role but unfortunately he could not do full justice for the role. However, he does well when it comes to emoting.

Vimal as the city-bred dude is impressive. He is at ease in his new avatar. Appearing in flashy and trendy costumes, he manages to get under the skin of the character and carries off his role in an impressive manner. Nisha has done a neat job and reprises her role in the Telugu original with aplomb. She also displays her strength in terms of glamour.

Nisha, younger sister of Kajal Agarwal, repeats the role (she did the original as well) with ease. The beautiful girl has shown that she could act and that she could be handy when it comes to scorch the screen with glamour.

Santhanam is the biggest selling point of the movie. He lives up to his reputation and makes the movie a enjoyable.

Anoop Kumar, Parvati Nirban, Yuvarani and Pragathy are competent.

Music director Thaman has given some tunes that stay in out minds.

‘Chandramukhi’-fame Shekher Joseph cranks the camera. He has given the film a perfect urbane look.

Positive Points

Emotional quotient, dialogues, and comedy

Negative Points

Vimal’s struggle to fit the role, generalization of the characters of today’s education youth, and inconsistency in the flow of the script.


The movie appeals with its emotional strength and the portrayal of today’s youngsters’ minds. Right casting could have made the movie more acceptable.


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