Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Movie Review Online|A Summer Treat -Vecha Kuri Thappadhu Mamae

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Movie Review Online

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Movie Review Online

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Movie  Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Padmapriya, Lakshmi Rai, Sandhya, Saikumar, Nazar, Manorama, Senthil, Mouli, Delhi Ganesh, Izhavarasu, Vaiyapuri, M.S. Bhaskar, Ramesh Khanna and others

Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam Movie Credits: Dialogues – Sriramakrishna, Cinematography – Azhagappan, Editing – Raja Mohammad, Music – GV Prakash Kumar, Lyrics – Vanamali, Presents – Kalpathi S Agoram, Producers – Kalpati S Ramesh and Kalpati S Ganesh, Story, screenplay and direction – Chimbu Deven

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Hollywood is a kingpin in the cowboy genre movie, with heroes who have carved a niche for themselves including Gregory Peck, Clint Eastwood and a host of other cowboy heroes. ‘Irumbu Kottai Murattu Singam’ is an inspired movie of one such page from the big book of cowboy history. Firstly, credit and two thumbs up to director Simbhudevan to make such a movie that needs a lot of effort and specially attention to detail. He has brought out a wholesome entertainer.

The film begins with a small intro of cowboy culture and an imaginary extrapolation of this into our civilization. The entire premise of the film is set in a cowboy milieu.

Raghava Lawrence has been sentenced to murder in Sholaypur (where Amitabh Bachchan adorns the place of Mahatma Gandhi in the court) because of a loss of a precious diamond in his workplace and in the nick of the moment he has been kidnapped by Ilavarasu, Mouli and company who promise that he can protect their clan (Jaishankarpuram) from the clutches of the cruel one-eyed Nasser due to his striking resemblance to their leader Murattu Singam who went missing some time back. In return, they will give him the precious diamond – Mullangi Vairam (very similar to the one that was stolen) and he can get his job back.

In further course, Lawrence lands in Jaishankarpuram where he finds his love-interest Padmapriya. He also encounters Nasser of Irumbu Kottai and USApuram who is flanked by his deputies Lakshmi Rai and Saikumar (Ulakkai). Lawrence also stumbles upon the Red Indian Chief M S Bhaskar and his daughter Sandhya. One thing leads to another and a group goes on a treasure hunt to find the precious diamond and wealth with a map. The rest of IKMS is all about this hunt and whether Jaishankarpuram gets freed from USApuram and Nasser and what happens to Lawrence.


Simbhu Devan makes the audience not just giggle but laugh out loudly at most times of the movie. The director has also chosen his team very carefully. The cinematographer Azhagappan has done a tremendous job of handling his camera. The adventure scenes, the horse chase sequences and even picturing the songs are truly appreciable. At this juncture, one would be in awe of the sets that have been designed to get the feel of the cowboy film. Be it the guns in the movie, the Jayashankarapuram village, the Irumbu Kottai, the imaginary mountains (help of computer graphics) or the treasure caves, art director Muthuraj receives full marks for his extraordinary art direction. He has crafted a true cowboy village and the visuals will transport you to that world.
Equally receiving praise is costume designer Sai, who has got the right clothes to suit the story. Every character in the movie gets a hat! The Red Indians and their costumes are designed well! Make up for the actors, especially the rotten teeth of Sai Kumar and the empty eye of Nasser is significantly noticeable by Nehru.

Raghava Lawrence impresses with his style, and his practice sessions with the gun, card and horse are evident. Heroines do not have much of a role in IKMS except for a song each. The true performers are M S Bhaskar, his interpreter (Sams) and Nasser. If the special Red Indian language is hilarious, Java Suresh’s antics give us stomach pain due to rip roaring laughter especially in the treasure hunt scene where he very diligently translates every move of his chief even while he is hanging from a cliff and later when they are tied down by Nasser’s men.

 On the flipside, the audience  are not engaged completely and the director loses his grip on them on and off. Also there are times when the film appears outright childish. The screen play meanders a while and there is a jump of genre here and there.

Over All

Irumbu Kottai Murratu Singam – Vecha Kuri Thappadhu Mamae
A clean, adventure, comedy  Treat for the Children



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    Instead of spending worthy money for Vijay (our future CM) movies, and crappy movies of porikies(murders) of madurai/dindugal/chennai/etc..this movie can relax you all with laughter and light subject.

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