Ilaignan movie review – Old Age Story

Ilaignan Movie Review
Ilaignan Movie Review

Cast: PA Vijay, Meera jasmine, Ramya Nambeeshan, Namitha, Kushboo, Suman, vadivelu, Sarath Babu, Nassar, Rajendran, Manivannan, Karunas and others.

Music: Vidyasagar

Cinematography: BL Sanjay

Editing: Gowri Shanker

Script: Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi

Director: Suresh Krishna

Producer: S. Martin

Ilaignan Movie Trailer

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Ilaignan Story

This movie is Kalaignar Karunanithi’s 75th film and incidentally it is also director Suresh Krishna’s 50th film.

Its 1959, evil looms over Rajanayagam’s Ship building Company  and there is little hope to escape its tentacles. The whole movie revolved around the fact that Deivanayagam (Sarath Babu) committed the biggest blunder of his life handing over the family business to his offspring Rajanayagam (Suman) who lives by his own rules and without any fear kills those who come his way.He has brought the whole village under his control & made them as slaves.

Sena (Namitha) plays the wife of Rajanayagam and she too has a matching mental frequency. She dons bright red lipstick, short skirts, and speaks with a fake accent in hope of complimenting her villainous husband.  Namitha is effectively managing to relate to the weight of the role literally with her size.

The mighty shipping company effectively has been a metaphor for a jail of some sorts as there was never an instance where the workers find a way to escape its barricade.

Kargi ( Paa Vijay) , the son of Arockiasammy (Nassar) and Vallimmal ( Kushboo) plays the rebel in the movie in hope of uplifting the poor. He slowly creates a revolution against the high handedness of the capitalist boss which keeps the people motivated and raring to go for the final kill.

At the end, the movie closes on a happy note as Kargi gets his dream fulfilled.

Cast Review

Paa Vijay has tried well.

Remya Nambeesan has played a small part and is a good choice for the songs. She happens to be the love interest of Kargi and things go on smoothly between them till Meera lands from abroad clad in jazzy clothes, school shoes and a stylish hat nevertheless indicating a clichéd representation .She is here to spend some time with her father Deivanayagam.

Meera Jasmine is portrayed as the beauty with brains; thanks to her mechanical engineering degree .She has a chunky role as Suman’s sister. Suman has held on to villainous instincts gracefully.

Later in the movie Ramya suspects Meera that she is in love with Kargi which proves to be wrong in the later half of the movie but Meera is only interested in giving a strong supporting hand to Kargi for his cause to free the people from exploitation.

Namitha produces an average performance trying her glamor gimmicks.

Naaser steals the show in the first half.

Vadivelu as Isaac Armugam could have been given more time onscreen.

Plus Points

Being a high-budget film with a reported cost of 25 crores the actors chosen to essay the major roles in a film of such magnitude are surprisingly new comers.

The movie comes as a surprise package from “Kalaignar” Karunanithi as the story and screenplay do not use any of his poems which he usually abides by .

Dialogues by Kalignar M. Karunanidhi are very impressive and speak the language of a rising revolution, talk about using your strengths to the fullest. Particularly in the scenes where  Pa. Vijay motivates his fellow workers.

B.L. Sanjay’s cinematography is noteworthy during the songs.

Editing by V.T Vijayan is appreciable.

Negative Points

The movie looses the sting towards the end and the climax is the major setback as the fight between Hero and Villain drags much beyond of what is required.

Now, we want to shed some light on the research done for the movie. The movie claims to have taken place in the late 50’s .A careful observation of the costumes and look what we found.The choice of Denim shirts and trousers worn by many in the 1950’s era was hard to believe.

The script and screenplay thrive on predictability throughout. Even though it is a high budget film, it is way too dramatic.

As for the visuals the colorful ship in the background ensures that there is nothing else we can expect throughout, it becomes a little stale after a while. Well they tried really hard to add a zing by painting it in a rainbow of colors and also naming it the very obvious – ‘Rainbow’. We though it was more of a distraction.

Foreign locations, foreign dance troops having such a huge budget how could you possibly miss that. Suresh Krishna forgets that it is a period film in many instances. Kargi himself sports modern t-shirts during some scenes. The most hilarious parts are the song sequences in Switzerland and other foreign locales with both the heroines. Perfect example of trying too hard to express.

Ultimately the last hope of a decent climax too failed it is ridiculous and is a time waste to even discuss.


Thousands of junior artists, elephants and dancers, a gigantic ship and still the movie fails badly. A list of clichés, situations and twists, a fairy tale that cannot see the light for sure. We were not at all happy and walked out unsatisfied.



  1. karuna hater

    karunanidhi at this old age do u need a directiion. for sum reason i hate you. athu enna unda family edukura film ellam utter flop endalum 100 days orduthu. public enna unna mathiri lusu endu neikirada pee pajale. i hate you get lost.

  2. Moviecritic

    It is time MK starts to think about TN and pay no heed to his “jalra”s about his penning skills. Old man, you are way too old now and keep your boundaries to poems. Do you know you have a main job as a CM of a state?? Rather than seeing half-clad Namitha’s dance at a function or a film don’t you have any better work to do?
    PA.Vijay please look in the mirror a thousand times.
    Suresh Krishna, are you the same director who took Basha?
    It is no surprise that in the interviews all boot-lickers go down on MK and his skills. (Come back to reality, it is not 1960′s or 70′s, we are in 2011).
    I didn’t pay a single paise on this lousy movie, just seeing the commercials and trailers irritate me so much…
    Dont encourage by even writing a review for this movie.

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