Haridas Movie Review

Haridas Movie Review – An adorable effort on celluloid

Haridas Movie Review

Haridas Movie Review
Haridas Movie Review

Movie : Haridas

Cast: Kishore, Sneha, Prithviraj Das, Pradeep Rawat, Suri
Direction: G N R Kumaravelan
Production: Dr V Ramadoss
Music: Vijay Antony

Haridas Movie Trailer

Haridas Movie Story line:

Director G N R Kumaravelan has chosen a touchy tale for his ‘Haridas‘.  The movie is about a tough police man, an encounter specialist  and the relationship with his autistic son.

Sivadas (Kishore) is an encounter specialist and is liked by his colleagues in the police department. Among his missions is one to nab Aadhi (Pradeep Rawat), a gangster and mercenary.

There is a twist in the tale when Sivadas brings his son Hari (Prithviraj Das) to Chennai from his village, where he is brought up by his grandmother. He is an autistic child and how Sivadas takes care of the boy and helps him overcome the disability with help from a doctor Ravi (Yugi Sethu) and Amudhavalli (Sneha), who is trained to teach special children is the rest.

Another important aspect is how Sivadas manages professional responsibilities and his task as a father of the autistic child makes the latter part interesting.

Script analysis

It’s a sensitive subject and the director comes up trumps as he keeps the audience engaged with his taut narration. And, the story unwinds rather well as the father’s role takes prominence for the protagonist.

The director has avoided going for preaching. He has presented the subject with a gripping and convincing storyline and script. The struggles of a father of a child with autism have been brilliantly portrayed.

Some scenes are really worth the mention, likein when the father bursts in to tears is outstanding. So is the scene when the father discovers the hidden talent of his son.

Haridas’ teacher (Sneha) has a noble heart and hence she decides to be the mother of the son. But the way the father responds to her is something unexpected yet quite convincing. Hats off to the director for conceiving such scenes.

Cast and crew Analysis

It is Kishore all the way as the man caught between call of duty and his role as father of an autistic son and he comes up trumps with a measured performance. He seems to be enjoying his time under the sun as this film comes after a strong performance the forest brigand Veerappan in ‘Vana Yuddham.’

Another show-stealer is the young lad Prithviraj Das, who shines as the autistic lad.

While Kishore’s performance is the highlight of the film, the role of Sneha adds a lot of luster to Haridas. Sneha deserves a pat for his role as the teacher for special kids.

Rathnavelu’s camera work is marvelous. Especially the scenes in the rain, near race course road, and the climax fight.

Vijay Antony’s tunes sound good but they fail to linger in our mind. But his background score is superb. It goes well with the mood of the film.

Why we recommend the film?

  • Storyline
  • Performances by Kishore, Prithviraj Das, Sneha
  • Sensitive handling of the subject
  • Interesting narrative that has a message too

Drop backs

Not quite except some moments of dragging here and there.


Haridas is an adorable effort on Celluloid. It has come as fresh air among load of mindless flicks that try in vain to entertain or engage us.

Haridas: sensitive handling with cinematic brilliance



  1. Tarun

    What a wonderful movie. Good job to all the youngsters who are steering the audience from mindless rubbish like alex pandian and thupakki. Time for change

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