Narthaki Music Review: GV Prakash aiming for a new route


The Destiny

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Saindhavi

Rating: 2/5

This song starts of with a chant, and then you have some konnakol happening, closely followed by the same bols on the mridangam as is the trend in our traditional music. It is a total percussion fest with a balanced melodic flute section responding to the bursts. The tambura stays its role in the background. Don’t blame yourself if you start scanting tha ka dhi mi / tha ka jun no.

Well, we really thought it was inspired by the music of Saptaraksha the percussion ensemble led by Ghatam Vidwan Vikku Vinaykaram. So listen to their compositions if you like more of such engagements with rhythm.

This song sets the vibe for the rest of the album as it seems to be a surprising choice for an album open. Are we ready for a welcome change?


Poovin Manam Poovil Illai

Vocals: Tippu, Harini

Rating: 3/5

A thorough melody fest, the introductory phrase took us for a toss as we were thinking t ourselves is this just another gimmick song, the ghatam in the background followed by the tabla is really soothing. Harini unveils a gem of a performance that catches nice drama mid way with the interlude sections as the mild flutes take over in perfect response.An organic piece of music, with great lyrics delivered quite rightfully by Tippu and Harini. Well, they know best about what they are expressing here. To cut short this one will calm the demon in you.


Vaan Mazhaiyin Thuligal

Vocals: Unni Krishnan, Sudha Raghunathan

Rating: 3.5/5

As expected, some real fun awaited us aren’t we right to expect a fiesta with Sudha and Unnikrishnan on board?

Our ride starts with the high octane swaras being belted out.If Poovin Manam was a melodious cake this one is certainly a rich rhythmic fiesta, the use of mridangam has been extensive bringing in that old lovely feeling and add some chenda melam to spice and you have a delicious flavor. The percussion interludes take up more space and leave us wanting more of the vocalists, but isn’t GV Prakash smart here?

He concludes with us wanting more we are sure this is exactly what he had in mind.

This track goes into our top 10 listens for the day. Beautiful balanced composition, we want to see this played live on stage Mr. GV Prakash are you hearing?

Jai Jai Madha Sonthasi Madha

Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

Rating: 1/5

This is Vijay Yesudas isn’t it we thought it was another Yesudas clone? The background loops really ruined this one. A song about farewell, the accompaniment really is a bhajan like arrangement with no rhythmic changes at all seen throughout, we definitely won’t describe this one as divine and maybe the reason is the monotony written all over this one. Disappointing effort? We expected more.

Chinnanchiru Idhayathil

Vocals: Vijay Prakash, Prashanthini

Rating: 3/5

The songs are set in a background of gentle gamelan bells and the claps giving it a balladic character; with the calming vocals that imitate whispering (which has been a recognized way of singing in the industry). Nevertheless, the song really has an easy feeling with it. This melody will stay with you in days to come. Prashantini takes lead again and reaffirms the music directors trust again. A crawling melody as we would like to refer to it, as it blooms slowly as the seconds roll by.



We are glad for GV Prakash who has steered away in a time where music director bank on kuthu songs infinitely to increase their appeal. Kudos to him, we expect more from this promising composer who doesn’t hesitate mixing our traditional music with modern arrangements, a fearless experiment in the making. Bring it on.



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