Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum

Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum Movie Review

Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum
Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum

Directed by: Ilavarasu Odam
Produced by: T. Siva
Cast: Atharvaa, Soori, Regina Cassandra, Pranitha, Aishwarya Rajesh, Aaditi Pohankar and Rajendran
Music: D. Imman
Cinematography: Sree Saravanan

Do you remember director Cheran’s ‘Autograph’? Director Ilavarasu Odam has made a lighter version of the same. The movie opens with Gemini Ganesan (Atharva) traveling to meet his ex-girlfriends to give his marriage invitation. The director makes it very clear from the beginning that there is nothing serious in both this invitation drama and the love affairs as well.
Gemini Ganesan seeks Suruli Rajan’s (Soori) help to find the girls. He shares his love stories to him during the journey. Gemini Ganesan, like the legendary actor, is a romantic king. His uniqueness (?) is that he likes romance but dislikes marriage. He takes love affairs very lightly. All his affairs turn out to be failure thanks to of his own attitude. Finally he gets marriage with a girl who loves him sincerely.
What is Gemini Ganesan’s problem? Why his affairs fail? How does he manage the situation?

Script review:
Though there are many fake love affairs and cheatings of innocent girls throughout the film, no one could complain or get offended as the director handles everything in a light manner. He makes it clear too. So one can sit relaxed and enjoy the movie, which has beautiful girls, slick making and comedy.
However, the way the girls fall for our hero is not convincing. Their characterizations are very weak. These aspects cannot be brushed aside in the name of comedy. That almost all the love affairs look similar doesn’t auger well for the movie. There could be some better imagination in presenting the love stories and the female characters.
The slick look, glamour quotient, and the hilarious last half an hour make the movie enjoyable. The dialogues add to the comical impact.

Atharva fits easily into the playboy like role. His dialogue delivery and body language in comical scenes pass muster. He is enjoyable in romantic scenes.
Regina and Pranitha look fine and provide glam. Aishwarya Rajesh adds some seriousness. Aaditi Pohankar is competent.
Soori has done well to entertain us. Rajendran has given able support. T.Siva as Atharvaa’s father and Mayilsami as Pranitha’s father have done their respective parts well.
Music by D.Imman is impressive but his tunes reflect many old songs. Sree Saravanan’s cinematography is good.

Positive points:
Atharvaa and Soori’s acting
Comical treatment

Negative points:
Clichéd romantic scenes
Shallowness of female characters
Unconvincing plot and turning points
Lack of innovation

The movie does provide some entertainment with his comical approach. It would have made a better impact with better characterizations of the females in the movie.
Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum: Love taken for granted o the sake of comedy.

Rating: 2.5 stars


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