Eththan Movie Review-Enjoyable in Parts

Eththan Movie Review


Cast: Vimal, Sanusha, Jayaprakash, Manobala, Fathima, M.S. Baskar, Singampuli, Mayilsamy and others
Direction: L.Suresh
Music: Taj Noor
Production: Nazir

Nazir, who produced ‘Kalavani’ last year, is back with ‘Eththan’ which has been directed by L. Suresh who had worked under veteran Balu Mahendra for some years.

With successive hits in ‘Pasanga’ and ‘Kalavaani’, Vemal (he prefers this spelling nowadays) has become a name to reckon with in Tamil films. His presence has aptly aided debutant director Suresh to takes on a new plot of a young man who borrows money from anyone but doesn’t necessarily believe that all the money borrowed ought to be returned.

Without doubt, the plot is quite a novel one as it stays away from the beaten track of action and love. Debutant Suresh does deserve some credit for being so daring in his very first film. Vimal’s innovative methods of borrowing money and his many ways of evading his lenders are jocularly filmed and are interestingly to watch. However, the director gets carried away and carries on in the same mode beyond the limit.


The film is all about a young man with the habit of indiscriminate borrowing getting a job of credit card collection agent. The man, who has been hunted buy others till now has become the hunter. The script is full of comical incidents with many interesting twists and turns depicting the hunt. There is also the love angle, which tries to give the film a semblance of story.


Vimal does his part well but the talented young actor should be careful not to get stereotyped in the same kind of roles. He should exercise caution otherwise faces the danger of getting typecast which could ruin his promising career.

Heroine Sanusha, who debuted in the film ‘Renigunta’ some time back, is back in action and appears appropriate for the role. The actress not only looks well but emotes well too.

The seasoned actor that he is, Jayaprakash as Vimal’s dad, has performed admirably well. The young villain, who resembles Bollywood’s Abishek Bachchan in many frames, looks promising for a longer tenure in Kollywood. However, in the present day trend where villainy is marked by subtle and savvy portrayals, the ear-splitting, high-voltage stuff from him appear rather childish. Sanusha’s friend Fathima has a good screen presence. The supporting cast of Manobala, M S Bhaskar, Singam Puli and Mayilsamy do their best to keep the audience interested.

Taj Noor’s music is passable but the tracks are volatile and go out of the memory the moment one leaves the hall. The songs and the loud re-recording, which could have been avoided, might play the spoilsport in ‘Eththan’.


The dialogues are full of intelligent humor, thanks to Suresh’s effort. In his efforts in portraying Vimal as a clever guy, Suresh has armed the former with mimicking skills which help him in escaping from his detractors. Besides this, it also helps the film’s humour quotient.

The usage of old songs in the backdrop for a few situations is much enjoyable and so is the caller tune of Vimal in the film.

The first half of the film is fairly engrossing.

The humour element, dialogues, and Vimal’s acting are the major plusses of the film.


Screenplay is not uniform which is not so unexpected in a first-timer’s film. The film has its moments of brilliance but they are not evenly spread out.

The plot, the screenplay and the dialogues appear to be lacking some ‘seriousness’ as the director goes overboard a little bit in infusing the comic element.

The second-half appears lengthy and drags a bit, making the viewers frequently look towards the exit gate.

Vimal’s characterization is not consistent as he is depicted as someone insensitive to others’ suffering but makes an exception in the case of his friend’s ailing father.

Some sequences, had they been pruned and properly edited, would have resulted in a near-neat product. The song sequence where Vimal gives a party to his friends could have been cut off as it doesn’t fit the proceedings.


Vimal’s care-free acting and Sanusha’s beauty are surely the strong points. As a debutant, Suresh has done a fairly appreciable job.


Eththan: Enjoyable in parts




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