Engeyum Kadhal music review

Engeyum Kadhal audio review
Engeyum Kadhal audio review

Engeyum Kadhal Music review

Composer : Harris Jayaraj

Vocals : Aalaap Raju, Naresh Iyer, Mahathi, Gopal Rao. Richard, Karthik, Prashanthini, Emcee Jesz, Kash n’ Krissy, Raninia Reddy, Harish Raghavendra, Chinmayi.

Lyrics : Thamarai, Vaali, Emcee Jesz, Kash, Madhan Karky, Na. Muthukumar.

1. Engeyum Kadhal…

Vocals: Aalaap Raju

Lyrics: Thamarai

The perfect melodious start the album needed. Thamarai has really made it even more effective with hers choice of words. The western influence in Harris music seems to be inseparable for the coming times. The song quite recreates the splendid Paris through music, isn’t that skillful?

2. Thee Illai

Vocals: Naresh Iyer, Mukesh, Gopal Rao, Mahathi and Ranina Reddy

Lyrics: Vaal

The violin playing in the prelude section is a good motif, choice of groove was surprising, the hip hop groove and smooth guitar strumming have gone well with the lines of the melody “Thee illai Pugai illai … oru Velvi seigirai vizhiyile”   an intro section that last with you for a while. You will enjoy humming those  ever so popular ooooohhs and aaaaahs which have been incorporated in this one. Good start by Naresh Iyer. The melody transitions seem quite ordinary.

3. Nangaai

Vocals: Richard, Rahul Nambiar, Naveen

Lyrics: Vaali

Western grooves of Michael Jackson, coupled along with the famous bass line for ‘The Doors’ song Roadhouse Blues

Check it out for yourself  , total sambaar curry music, very formulaic.

Just listen to this if you wanted to know how Roadhouse Blues sounds like with the usual hip hop drumming, guys its time we respected drummers like iconic John Densmore… this one is a let down.

4. Lolita…

Vocals: Karthik, Prashanthini

Lyrics: Thamarai

Harris was here you know it. just one listen to this and the choice of characteristic vocals, as the song start  there is this burst of  vocal effects.

Its  quite reminiscent of one of his earlier numbers in ‘Aadhavan’.

There is a use of Flamenco style of guitar playing, and saxophone which have given it quite a Latin feel, except  for the ever so stubborn drums, which again have been in the mood of  making everyone dance.Prashantani has done a good job, by keeping the subtle variations totally under control yet tweaking them to suit the mood.

5. Bathing at Cannes

Vocals: Emcee Jesz, Kash n’ Krissy, Raninia Reddy

Lyrics: Emcee Jesz, Kash

Beat boxing yeah!, Emcee Jesz pulls up his bag of gimmicks with this one, with occasional sexy lad scream.

A song that cements the fact that composers these days can’t resist indulging in western tunes, to give the song a global appeal, why make a song when you know its not appealing leave apart global appeal, not convincing , the singers involved are from Endhiran’s ‘Boom Boom Robot Da’. The vocalists have completely created a sultry setting for the song, Kash n’ Krissy  turning sassy here!

6. Nenjil Nenjil

Vocals: Harish Raghavendra, Chinmayi

Lyrics: Madan Karky

This song is a must listen with the unstoppable Chinmayi in here; it was only going to get better.

Karky has scored a hat trick here with his lyrics. The bass lines really grooving with the mridangam  (Tham kita tha ka ta thom)  great embellishment. Love is in the air. This one goes out for the romantics…are you listening? Be cautioned all you romantics.

7.  Dhimu Dhimu…

Vocals: Karthik

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

A sweet ending to the album was awaited. The guitar strumming will get your attention  the energy is there to take you through. The song breaks are smooth, the chords are suiting.

The background vocals really make the melody sit with so much more comfort. The words Dhimu Dhimu have been highlighted well, good job.

The romantic numbers are good, thanks to trustworthy Chinmayi, Naresh Iyer has delivered too, and manipulation of western tunes is still the in thing. Hip-hop and guitars are here to stay.



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