Engeyum Kaadhal Movie Review-Rich Look,Poor Substance

Engeyum Kaadhal Movie Review

Engeyum Kaadhal Movie Review

Cast: Jayam ravi, Hansika Motwani, Suman, Raju Sundaram
Direction: Prabhu Deva
Banner: ASG Entertainment
Production: Kalpathi S. Aghoram, Kalpathi S. Ganesh, Kalpathi S. Suresh
Music: Harris Jayaraj
Cinematography: Nirav Shah
Editing: Anthony

Director Prabhu Deva has come out with a pure romantic flick in the land of romance and artistic beauty, i.e. Paris. The script, true to the title (which means Love Everywhere), has love spread in every frame. There is no villain, no sub plot and no deviation. Unadulterated romance, which is omnipresent, is set in the backdrop of beautiful locales in Paris.

You have Harris Jayaraj’s peppy music, Nirav Shah’s stunning camera work, Anthony’s slick editing, Nalini Sriram’s aesthetic sense in costumes, cute looking Hansika and energetic Ravi to entertain you. The ingredients look god. Isn’t it?

Well. Prabhu Deva has failed to utilize these plusses to make a griping movie. He flatters to deceive. He has delivered a damp squib thanks to the meaningless sequences throughout the film.


The movie opens with Prabhu Deva singing the title song along the streets of Paris. The song shows a lot of couples passionately kissing. Then the director introduces the lead characters to us and kick starts the story, which is a nonexistent.

The ‘story’ goes like this: Kayalvizhi aka Kayal (Hansika Motwani), a music college student in Paris plays the cello on the streets to help the poor, is the only daughter of private detective Rajasekhar (Suman). One fine day, she stumbles upon Kamal (Jayam Ravi), multi-billionaire Indian businessman, roaming around with young girls. She instantly falls for him.

Kamal is a different character. He doesn’t believe in love. All that he wants is just fun. He works hard for 11 months at home spends a month in Paris to enjoy. He is romantic yet he is not love-driven.

Kamal likes the girl in his own style but Kayal wants it to be a firm commitment. Clash between care-free romance and serious love brews over and that forms the crux of the movie. The sequences show how Kayal initially tries to impress him and how Kamal tries to escape from her clutches. The later half is the reversal of what we have seen in the first half with Kayal pretending to be a care-free romantic girl and Kamal getting into jealous mode. How they finally get together is told in the climax.


Jayam Ravi looks smart and handles his role with ease. But the role of a Casanova doesn’t suit his natural image of boy-next-door.

Hansika looks pretty and performs well. But her role doesn’t through any challenge to the newcomer.

Harris Jayaraj scores in background music but his songs give us the feeling of déjà vu. The title song stays in our mind for a long time.


Nirav Shah and Anthony have done their best to make the movie rich and slick.


The basic premise of the story is interesting but Prabhu Deva has failed to come out with an interesting screenplay. The way the story unfolds on screen is quite boring. There is no single scene that is exciting.

The conflict between the lead pair hasn’t been told convincingly. The movie is full of redundant happenings filled with usual gimmicks.

The climax is immature.

Raju Sundaram’s efforts to make us laugh are quite irritating.


Engeyum Kaadhal is visually stunning and musically soothing. But it falls flat with the poor content.

Rich Look but Poor substance!!!.



  1. jimiki

     The movie was very bad except for the songs…. Another flop from Sun Pictures&Jayam Ravi… rajusundaram , prakashraj , hansika acting was good….

  2. Prathap

    Waste movie. Prabhudeva better be as a dance master. Please dont irritate us being a director. Waste of time. Jayam Ravi didnt get better movie than this? no comedy . All comedies tried by raju sundaram was irritating. Totaly prabhu deva waste. 

  3. venkatesh

    very boring movie nothing interesting. slept in between the movie. hansika looks so fat. nothing charming in the movie

  4. nothing personaly

    they shud do more better,coz de tools 4 de movies were rich… prabu sir not use it welll… but it de movie was ok… coz de effort they put was so much……….happy wif it…

  5. nallavan

    Don’t watch this movie.. if you r going means ultimately will loss 2.30 hour in your life.. and waste of money toooo……….

  6. Lathika

    Mokka padam.Paris is beautiful.Jeyam Ravi and Hansikka look beautiful thats all .1st half of the movie is much more better than 2nd half.

    Kalpathi Agoram and  Prabhu Deva  better luck next time.

  7. Lathika

    Mokka padam.Paris is beautiful.Jeyam Ravi and Hansikka look beautiful thats all .1st half of the movie is much more better than 2nd half.   Kalpathi Agoram and  Prabhu Deva  better luck next time.

  8. Lathika

    Mokka padam.Paris is beautiful.Jeyam Ravi and Hansikka look beautiful thats all .1st half of the movie is much more better than 2nd half.   Kalpathi Agoram and  Prabhu Deva  better luck next time.

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