Engeyum Eppothum Movie Review-Refreshing Journey

Engeyum Eppothum Movie Review

Engeyum Eppothum Movie Review

Cast: Jai, Anjali, Shravanand, Ananya
Direction: M. Saravanan
Production: A R Murugadoss, Fox Star Studios
Music: Sathya
Cinematography: Velraj

Engaeyum Eppothum marks the entry of M. Saravanan as director and A.R. Murugadoss as producer. Murugadoss who is co-producing this film in association with Fox Star Studios, has give a chance to young Saravanan to make an engaging film and the youngster has utilized this opportunity well.


Engaeyum Eppothum is a journey of sorts. First we have two physical journeys in two directions – a bus going to Trichi from Chennai and another one from Trichi to Chennai. We have two sets of passengers belonging to various sections with varied dreams, pleasures, pains and plans. Their past lives become the journeys within the journey.

The movie, that travels mostly through flashback tells you the love stories of two pairs: Kathiresan (Jai) and Manimegalai (Anjali) and Vinay (Saravanandh) and Amudha (Ananya).

Jai, working in a factory as a technician, develops passion for his neighbour Manimegalai, who reciprocates his feelings positively. But Manimegalai is not your typical romantic girl who would feel shy and get into romantic mood at the drop hat. She is a practical and dominant character. She is very particular that their married life should be smooth and hence takes all the steps to ensure that in her inimitable way. Finally they decide to get married and board a bus to meet Jai’s parents.

On a different track Amudha seeks the help of a young urban guy Vinay to go to a particular place in Chennai. Amudha, new to the city is full of fears and doubts. Though Vinay finds it difficult to cope with her strange demands he slowly empathizes and decides to help her. He accompanies her to her destination. In the process they develop a fondness. The girl returns to Trichi and Vinay stays in Chennai. After parting, both long to see each other. One fine day both board the bus from their respective places to visit each other to express their feelings.

Three are some more small yet equally interesting tracks involving a newlywed couple, a cook, the old man belonging to Kathiresan’s village, a father returning from abroad after five long years who is yearning to meet his child, Ananya’s sister and the Muslim woman shown to be boarding the bus in-between, make the story very interesting. However an accident shatters all of their dreams ad plans…

Script Review

Debutant director M. Saravanan has admirably made the story in a gripping manner. He hasn’t restored to melodrama or clichés in portraying the journey and the journeys within the journey. The love affairs have been told in a pleasant manner. The characters are made in a way that we start loving them. When they meet with the accident we feel for them as we do for our close friends and relatives.

Telling the lives of different people gathered in a place with different purposes is nothing new to Tamil cinema but the way Saravanan has told their story is refreshing. The message – awareness about road safety – has been driven home smoothly without getting into preachy mode. The climax is predictable yet appealing. Kudos to the young director.

Cast Review

Jai has perfectly underplayed a character of a shy lover with all hesitations to approach a girl. His body language and dialogue delivery add credibility to the role.

Anjali steals the show with her stunning performance as a dominant girl. She makes her cry when she cries in the climax.

Ananya as a reluctant entrant to the city is fine.

Sarvanand has portrayed the typical city guy with golden heart well.

Others including the sister of Ananya and the newlywed person have done their respective parts quite well.

The director must be credited for making each and everyone deliver credible performance.

Cinematographer Velraj has done a marvelous job in capturing varied emotions like tragedy, ecstacy, and romance through his lenses. The accident scenes have been taken amazingly.

Debutant music director Sathya has given some refreshing tunes in Govinda and Chotta Chotta. His background score fits well with the mood of the film.

Plus Points

Script, acting, cinematography, music, and sensitive approach towards human feelings.

Minus Points

Routine plot and Predictable climax.


Though the film’s basic plot and the culmination are predictable, the engaging script and genuine performances make the movie enjoyable.

Engeyum Eppothum: Refreshing journey with a message



  1. Ram

    They always make genuine reviews. If the movie is good, it will be praised of course. But for movies which doesn’t event worth a wach once at least should be criticized.

    But I have seen your comments who always expect good reviews even for worst movies

  2. spoilers

    I didn’t liked the movie.. both love story aren’t well made and u know from the beggining of the movie what is going to happen so nothing shocking as we can feel some are going to die… both pairs love aren’t realistic Anjali seems like authorative and the ananya seems stupid i couldn’t beleive a engineering student that stupid… movie is not engaging I could see many walked out of theatre before movie ending… now the trend is tragedy but we can’t cry any more director

  3. kh

    really then maybe u dun read their reviews properly. tell me which movie they gave an excellent comment. sum movies r bad but their reviews r lyk the movie is terrible, so i dun expect good reviews for worst movies. if a movie is gd then they should give a gd review instead of picking out minus. they give more minus than plus for every review

  4. Smile

    Azhugatchi padama??? Thanks for the info.Naan paakale!I think Jai will die in the end that’s why Anjali will cry…

    But Jai and Anjali make a wonderful on screen pair!

  5. stupid

    Roopan, If you like Vanthaan venraan, I don’t see anyone more stupid than you. Your taste itself shows how you will be.

  6. Roopan

    There are lots of movies even you cant watch. My taste is ok. ‘Kaamam’ or ‘so violent’ is not there. Actually I think ur taste only will be on ‘romantic movies’.

  7. Roopan

    There are lots of movies that even you cant watch. My taste is ok. ‘Kaamam’ or ‘so violent’ is not there. Actually I think ur taste only will be on ‘romantic movies’. Actually what u meant by ‘Your taste itself shows how you will be’. I believe i am a good person than u. Do you think what your taste always will be right, r u god. Different people have different taste.  I didnt say its a wonderful movie, its ok 2 watch. 

  8. spoliers

    @smile but the characterization is not good it looks artificail cinematic both pairs are cinematic so u can’t feel the bonding needed for such a film

    Azhugatchi padam thaan but it is boring too anyway u will not feel the pain as u know many died at the begining of the movie itself

  9. Leni

    I liked Sharavand-Ananya story better than Jai-Anjali…feel like i’ve seen Anjali and Jai like this before in some other movies.Nice movie btw :*

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