Enakku Vaaytha Adimaigal Movie Review

Enakku Vaaytha Adimaigal Movie Review

Enakku Vaaytha Adimaigal Movie Review
Enakku Vaaytha Adimaigal Movie Review

Produced by: Shan Sutharsan
Written and Directed by: Mahendran Rajamani
Cast: Jai, Pranitha, Karunakaran, Kaalai Venkat, Naveen, Rajendran, Thambi Ramaiyah
Music: Santhosh Dhayanithi
Cinematographer: Mahesh Muthuswamy


Krishna (Jai) has decided to commit suicide as his girlfriend Divya (Pranitha) has ditched him. He calls his close friends Maideen Basha (Kaalai Venkat), Ramesh (Karunakaran), and Sowmi Narayanan (Naveen) to convey his decision. They are shocked and try to save him.

Since they don’t know his whereabouts, they start searching him desperately while Krishna is sitting alone in a lodge room lamenting about his love failure. He doesn’t have the guts to kill himself so he spends time in drinking and lamenting. Meanwhile, the three friends get into deep trouble in three different ways in the pursuit of finding Krishna.

What happened to Krishna and his friends? What happened to his girlfriend?

Script analysis:

Debutant director Mahendran Rajamani has decided to take a simple plot and present it with an interesting script with a lot of fun. He has added the fun element through witty dialogues and funny incidents. Some scenes are quite enjoyable. The director has also worked well in framing the characters to make things more interesting.
The drama surrounding the anxiety of the friends interestingly unfolds. The way each of them get caught in problems has been well portrayed. The portions involving Rajendran, Thambi Ramaiyah are interesting.

The characters of Krishna and his friends have been worked out well. The character of the heroine has been surprisingly poor. There is no valid reason as to why the girl ditches her lover after moving so close. The director has just followed the Kollywood habit of accusing the girl for break up and hence he cares a damn to make the character of the girl strong.

The suicide drama has been stretched a bit too far and the predicaments of the friends have been blown out of proportion. These aspects make us feel the length of the movie.

Santhanam’s guest appearance is interesting but he reflects the voice of the director when it comes to analyse the reason for love failure.


Jai has improved a lot in terms of facial expressions and bidy language. However, he should work more on his dialogue delivery which is monotonous.

Pranitha looks fresh and beautiful. She gets a poorly etched character and hence fails to make any mark. Her screen presence adds value to the scenes she appears.

Karunakaran, Kaalai Venkat and Naveen have played perfect supportive roles. Each of them gets ample scope to perform and all of them have done justice to their respective jobs.

Rajendran and Thambi Ramaiyah are impressive as always.

Santhosh Dhayanithi has given some peppy songs. His background score is quite apt for the scenes.

Mahesh Muthuswamy’s camera work plays a very good supportive role to the script. The chasing scenes through the small lanes of Chennai have been captured well. The Kodaikanal scenes are pleasant to the eyes.

Positive points:

Story and script
Fun element

Negative points:

Dragging scenes
Poor characterisation of the heroine

Final verdict:

The debutant director has presented is a hilarious movie that appeals mostly because of fun.

‘Enakku Vaaytha Adimaigal ‘: Comedy element makes the film watchable.

Rating: 2.5 stars


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