Easan Movie Review

Easan Movie Review
Easan Movie Review

Star Cast: Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Abhinaya,Vaibhav, Aparna and AL Azhagappan
Direction: Sasikumar
Music: James Vasanthan
Production: Sasikumar

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The second film of a director who’s delivered a runaway debut movie is always an acid test. Sometimes, the director hits the bulls-eye. At others, the effort stutters, a little like the Sasikumar’s second film ‘Easan‘ after the inspirational super-hit ‘Subramaniapuram’ in 2008.

In this film, Sasi has attempted to convey the dangers of city life when not dealt with carefully and it could also ring in a warning to people who take things lightly. Supporting him in this enterprise is producer AL Azhagappan, Kaja Moideen, Samuthirakani, Malayalam director Blessy along with VaibhavAbhinaya and others.

The first half at any rate, is nothing short of brilliant. In what is now beginning to be known as a Sasikumar trademark, the movie unfolds slowly, in exquisite detail, peppered with nuggets of information about the nightlife of Chennai’s umber-rich, their pub-trips, the drunken orgies and blurring of morals. But as the movie progresses, you begin to sense problems creeping in. The slow and ambiguous narration also tests the endurance levels of the audience. However, he makes up for all these in the second half where the film picks up momentum and zooms through with an intense climax.


The movie’s story is all about a revenge for the killing of a girl after rape by a politician’s son and an honest police officer investigates the case braving pressures from the politico family.

The movie begins with ‘Inda Iravu Daan Pogude’ song which is followed by the chase of a lone girl in a two-wheeler by a bunch of drunken boys in the middle of the night which leads to her death. The boys who are being taken into custody by the police promptly call their powerful friend to help them out. This is how you’re introduced to Chezian (Vaibhav), a rich kid, the son of Minister Deivanayagam (Producer A L Alagappan), who states that he’s got the whole of Tamil Nadu under his belt. Chezian aiding them with a helpless ACP Sangaiyya (Samuthirakani) as a mute spectator.

It’s Chezhian’s job to frequently bail his buddies out of the police station, even as he himself tours every pub in Chennai, looking for the ideal date. And that’s when he meets Reshma (Aparna), the daughter of a business tycoon from Karnataka whom he decides to marry on sight. Deivanayagam agrees to this match with an ulterior motive and that’s when Chezhian goes missing. And Sangaiyya is the officer chosen to find him. The trail to Chezhian is what Easan is all about that has been narrated in a riveting manner in the second half.
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Cast Review

The specialty about Easan is there is no hero, there is no heroine or for that matter there is not a single character that monopolizes the screen. Samuthirakani is not the hero, Abhinaya is not the heroine and AL Azhagappan is not the villain, There are around 20 characters and all characters are finely drawn, but two characters deserve special mention, simply because of the enormous screen-space given: Abhinaya, and Namo Narayanan.

Abhinaya as the village girl turning a fashionable city girl is good as always. Namo Narayanan, though a new comer, deserves lot more praise simply because he’s completely understood the character he portrays, and delivers a flawless performance.

Samuthirakani as the police officer is subtle and focused. AL Azhagappan as the politician doesn’t look like a first timer.

Sasikumar also throws in the frolic of lower strata with the ‘jilla vittu jilla’ number.

Other characters Aparna, Blessy and Niranjan are good too.

Positive Points

The characters are finely drawn, the politicians do not scream at every turn.

The suspense is maintained till the interval as to who the killer could be. As a clever director, Sasikumar makes you change your guess every time with a lot of characters and sub scenes. In fact, the game of guessing with a collage of incidents keeps the first half intact.

Technically the best done is the cinematography by SR Kathiir. His camera has captured the city night life and the village innocence in two distinctive styles, particularly the discotheque scenes and the opening village sequences.

The stunt director deserves kudos for natural sequences.

James Vasanthan has brought in a good dose of western flavor mixed with local music, which is new and interesting.

Negative Points

Most of the songs are item numbers and doesn’t blend with the story telling. The Jilla Vittu number is an unnecessary intrusion and does not help the film in anyway except to give the audience their break.

Many scenes could have been crisper and clichéd shots removed. The tedious lengths of scenes in many places actually destabilize the intentions of the director


Raja Mohamed’s editing is sharp, sleek, and does justice to the screenplay though at more than 3 hours, should have been employed better in the second half. If some of the scenes in the second half had pruned ‘Easan’ would have been a brilliant effort all over.

Though Easan doesn’t really match up to his debut flick ‘Subramaniapuram’, it’s worth a watch.



  1. Vijay

    superb movie.. cant say this is a best from sasi as i feel songs are real speed breakers… also flash back scenes (mainly village scenes) could he trimmed….but all together nice movie… worth a watch

  2. rads

    I expected a real good corporate movie from watchin da first half. The 2nd was jus a usual story about revenge. did not expect a movie of this cadre from Sasi. waiting for his next movie. lets c.

  3. Easan

    The story talks about how not to be spoiled….main focus is on girls to be careful in the fast paced society. (Please don’t be influenced by peer pressure). The director took so much effort in trying to explain his views about the city life and what not to follow in order to stay away from evil. I think it is a wonderful movie. Good job Mr. Sasi Kumar. 

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