Bale Pandiya Movie Review Online

Bale Pandiya – 2010-Info
Starring: Vishnu Vishal, Piaa.
Direction: Siddharth Chandrasekar
Music: Devan Ekambaram
Production: Kalpathi S.Agoram

Bale Pandiya starred ‘Vennila Kabadi kulu’ fame Vishnu and Pia Bajpai in the lead, quite like the title, a major part of the story has been inspired by the 1962 classic film starring Sivaji Ganesan and M R Radha.

The connection between the two Bale Pandiyas — old and new— is that the hero wants to die. there it end.

Borrowing its theme from the yesteryear classic of the same name, this movie differs in its treatment, and is not to be confused with the old Bale Pandiya.


Pandiyan (Vishnu) is a young man whose luck is permanently down and remains ill fated.looking for something positive to occur in his life but his bad luck continues follows him wherever he goes. Some of the incidents to show this are amusing, especially when he gets into a big bus which breaks into two and the Nadi Josier (astrologer) dying while writing his horoscope!

Unsuccessful in getting a job, failed in love and heavily in debt – he decides to end his life. After several unsuccessful attempts – a completely depressed Pandian takes the help of AKP; a notorious contract killer to do the job.

Shocked AKP demands why Pandiyan would wish to kill himself, upon which the hapless hero relates his sob-story. AKB is hired by politician Pasupathy (John Vijay) to kidnap Vaishnavi (Pia), daughter of fellow politician Jaiprakash, basically to silence him on a political issue.

In a flash of generosity, AKP decides to kills two birds with a stone: Pandiyan shall enjoy himself to the hilt with a sum of Rs 25 lakhs but upon the end of a certain period, he has to blow himself as a human bomb. A vastly satisfactory agreement to both parties.

In the midst of this, Vivek comes from London in search of Pia to marry her. How the paths of all these people are brought in a single line and what life has in store for Vishnu, when he has decided to call it quits, is the story of Bale Pandiya.

Cast and Crew Review

Vishnu returns to the silver screen after a refreshing debut in Vennila Kabaddi Kuzhu, and shows promise as the frustrated young man with no will to live, he certainly has lot of guts to portray the kind of role.His dialogs need some modulation, though. Piaa has little to do except wear pretty dresses and smile but she does light up the screen, high time she changes her costumes its been the same look continuously. The villains are a hilarious bunch with Amarendran, as the dada, is an impressive find. SS Music Gibran has nothing to write home about. John Vijay is rocking as always and is a delight to watch. Jayaprakash, in a tiny role, is wasted.

Viveks comedy is annoying mostly.Good thing he suggests some simple solution for deep dug holes in the roads.

Devan Ekambaram’s music, is a delightful, almost music-album like rendition, especially the song ‘Happy…’ picturized with over 25 playback singers appear on screen. Equally interesting is Sirikkiren (with shades of the old hit from the original Bale Pandiya itself).

Bale Pandiya Happy song Cast – Singers

Soundarrajan’s cinematography has a candy-floss feel to it, in keeping with the tone of the film; the editing is neat. One particular stunt sequence is intriguing: the one which doesn’t involve a single piece of furniture being displaced!

Plus Points
First half – Enjoyable moments
Vishnu’s acting – He looks trendy
Devan Ekambaram’s music –  pleasant to hear
Soundarrajan’s Cinematography – he has done a great job

Negative Points
Second half – Director has not sustained the momentum
Pia’s acting – Nothing to say
Vivek’s comedy track – All the sequences with Vivek, with a hideous wig in tow are ridiculous, and don’t fit in with the tone of the film at all.

“Don’t worry; be happy,” – this is the tag line of the film.
But  be sure to go without expectations and enjoy the ride!



  1. jagan

    when u have nothing to say about piaa's acting then y u saying that it is minus of the film….may b u r habitual of seeing overacting n nonsence crying scene n all so u dont understand what is natural act.for ur information she has done good job, very natural…u plz whoever u r… plz grow up n learn what is acting…..dont just write whatever comes in ur bloody mind….

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