Baana Kathadi Movie Review – Stuck on Mid Air

Baana Kathadi Movie Review

Baana Kaathadi MOVIE REVIEW

Banner: Sathyajyothi Films
Cast: Atharva, Prasanna, Samantha
Direction: Badri Venkatesh
Production: T G Thyagarajan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Atharva, son of popular actor Murali, is making his debut in Tamil Cinema in this movie directed by Badri Venkatesh (a national award winner for one of his short films),

It is quite interesting Badri Venkatesh has chosen to do a movie in a Chennai slum, At a time when Madurai is becoming me a preferred destination for movie makers. Baana kaathadi is around kite-flying that is considered a passion in some parts of the country.

Baana Kaathadi Story:
The hero is a school student living in the crowded slum of North Chennai. He falls in love with a college going Fashion Technology student while chasing kites with his friends. The hero gets caught by the police in an unexpected situation which happens to change his life forever. What happens to the hero? Does he manage to marry the girl he fell in love with? Watch Baana Kathaadi if you want to find the answer to these questions.

Cast and Crew Review

Atharva deserves all credit for making a decent opening. He looks comfortable in front of the camera and is quite real as the school boy in the slums of North Chennai. But he does seem to have a lot more in him and has a lot of potential to make it big. Samantha as fashion technology student is there with not lot of scope . She looks pretty.After her brilliant performance in Ye Maaya Chesave, it is quite natural to expect more from her. But she disappoints

Prasanna even as menacing goon is a definte scene stealer. Karunaas as Kumar (friend to Atharva in the movie), evokes fun and laughter, while the likes of T P Gajendran and Monica as Atharva’s mother are adequate.

Yuvan Shankar Raja’s songs are hummable while his re-recording sets the tone, especially for the kite flying scenes.But over all does not add strength to the otherwise ordinary movie.

There is a feel Director Badri Venkatesh could have handled the script a lot better , he could easily have given much more powerful presentation as end of the movie there is nothing really worth mentioning.. The screenplay does not hold on to your attention at all and hence it is hard to hide a feeling of saturation when you are watching the movie. Even the romantic sequences between the two seem so artificial

Due credit should be given to cinematographer Richard Mahesh, who captures the slums of Chennai well. The kite-flying scenes especially the ones at Gujarat have been canned colourful and catchy. What starts off as a breezy entertainer ends as an emotional pot boiler.

Over all: Baana kaathadi is stuck on mid Air



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