Azhagana Ponnudhaan music review

Azhagana ponnudhan movie  music review

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Music Director : Sundar C Babu
Vocals : Karthik, Naresh Iyer, Afzal, Ganga, Prasanna, Deepa Mariam, Mukesh, Sri Madhumita.
Lyrics : Yugabarathy, Kavivarman

Produced by K Cinema (Kesavan) and directed by Thiru, this movie stars Karthik and Namitha along with others. Sundar C Babu scores music for this film and we have six tracks in the album.

Vaanathu Nilavukku…
Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

Though this song has a heard-before mettu, it still pleases you with its simple musical arrangement and Karthik’s happy rendering. Seems set on the Todi raga scale, it speaks of the beauty of the girlfriend which overwhelms the hero.

Meesai Mulai Vida…
Vocals: Naresh Iyer
Lyrics: Kavivarman

This song continues in the same mood of song no.1, but is a very elegant number in terms of its Natabairavi scale and use of keyboard and strings. Such lovely, lovely articulation from Naresh Iyer! Is sure to hit the charts.

Poovin Vayadhenna…
Vocals: Afzal
Lyrics: Kavivarman

Another neat number in the Sankarabaranam raga scale this time and the mood of the ‘smitten lover’ continues. Simple lyrics and soft accompaniment from the keyboards and guitar. Relaxed singing from Afzal.

Vocals: Karthik
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

Well, with all the gushing sentiments, something had to break, and here we have the song of the jilted lover. A very trendy and crisp use of the Mayamalavagowla rags scale to portray the inner turmoil of the hero (especially the chorus). Excellent singing by Karthik. Pert lyrics, so to speak. Could float on the charts for a while.

Saama Kodangi…
Vocals: Ganga
Lyrics: Yugabarathy

This time we seem to have the Vakulabaranam raga scale, which makes the song sound similar to song no.4. A gentle seduction number where the delightful strings do most of the seducing.

An instrumental bit, probably the ‘Theme’ song. Is not listed on the album cover.


This album floats around our ears as smoothly as a blob of butter in a warm pan. Thankfully, Sundar C Babu seems to have steadied himself after his rather feeble ‘Agaradhi’. The songs could be tossed around in radio stations on Valentine’s Day.


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