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Avargalum Ivargalum

Avargalum Ivargalum Movie Review

Movie: Avargalum Ivargalum

Cast: Vimal Nadarajan, Azhagi Sathish, Ishwarya, Supraja
Direction: Veerapandiyan
Music: Srikanth Deva


The story unfolds as two young love birds head over heels for each other namely Vallal (Vimal Natarajan) and Vennila (Supraja) elope in hope of a peaceful life to Virudhachalam town to lead a life of their own. Soon they meet a couple who share the same passion, Bharati (Azhagi Sathish) and Swetha (Aishwarya) who too have eloped and are on a running spree, as expected birds of the same feather flock together and the couples hit off on a good note from thereby. Vallal and Vennila belong to parallel castes and sadly their own village disapproves of their togetherness. Add to the situation that Vennila is the lone daughter of the village’s landlord and Vallal a son of a cobbler, it could not get worse. Societal status issues and impractical relations unleashed. Whereas, Swetha an offspring of a filthy rich businessman in Chennai falls for Bharati again a low rung in the society a driver to be specific.

Vennila’s brothers start a relentless search for their sister and come to know she is in Virudhachalam. During this Bharati and Vallal hunt for jobs and Kottachi (Charlie) helps them in the process. Unaware that Venilla’s brother is on the hunt the couples are planning to get married and they almost succeed in doing so but Vennila’s brother at the nick of time triumphs successful.

The lovebirds are on the running spree again but unfortunately all of them meet with an accident. Sadly, Bharati and Vennila pass away as they are declared dead on the spot.

The rest is for you to catch on, what say folks?

The movie sets off and concludes at a point where you would least think it should. Unexpectedly beautiful!


Avargalum Ivargalum has a satisfactory cast with Vimal Natarajan debuting as Vallal being a pivotal character he has tried his best and done a good job. Supraja’s role as Vennila, is noteworthy she has beautiful expressions. Sathish playing Bharathi has come across in the casual in his character. Aishwarya playing Swetha is at her best when she expresses her jealousy as she pines for a lovely relationship just the pair of Vallal and Vennila. Charlie finally after a long time put in a noteworthy effort in this out of the box  venture.


Srikanth Deva in his 50th film has given a nice set of tunes worth mention are Enna Thavam Sanjudan sung by Bhavadharani and Ithu Oru Kathal Velayattu courtesy Vijay Yesudas and not to forget Para Para.

Impressive dialogues delivery is also a plus for Avargalum Ivargalum .

We loved the twists and turns in the plot. Director Veerapandian’s choice of introducing the accident was a critical move a good shill is also seen in the screenplay and dialogues for the film.


The second half was a drag and but the rest of it was a good ride. Agar Senkutuvan was promising but can still get it his camera working to a better level, there was more we wanted from the cinematography.


We would like you to have a look at this movie as it is not just another love story claiming to be different to be honest it surely lives up to the talk.

Love and its pack of troubles await you are you ready for the experience folks?


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