Aravaan Movie Review

Aravaan Movie Review – Amazing and Astounding

Aravaan Movie Review

Cast: Aadhi, Pasupathi, Dhanshika
Production: T. Siva (Amma Creations)
Direction: Vasanthabalan
Story and Dialogues: Su. Venkatesan and Vasanthabalan
Music: Karthik
Cinematography: Siddharth

Aravaan has been in the news ever since it went to floors. The movie by Vasanthabalan of Angadi Theru and Veyyil fame is amazing, astounding all the way.

Story Line

Kombodhi (Pasupathy) leads a community that is involved in theft for their survival. Kombodhi meets Varipuli (Aadhi). A brave man, Varipuli also steals people. Kombodhi takes him to his gang.
During a heist at a palace, Kombodhi’s life is saved by Varipuli. Soon Varipuli ends up on a wrong side as he is taken as hostage by a gang. Now Kombodhi takes the risk and saves him.

Flashback reveals Varipuli’s story. He was Chinna in past who escaped death a few years ago from them. He was to be killed and offered to Almighty based on a serious allegation on his village people. He had a life and a wife in the village.
He was willing to be killed as an offer (just as Aravaan of Mahabharath) but he wanted to know who the real culprit was. He found the shocking truth but in the process he has breached the custom of the village. The feud between the neighboring villages gets deeper.
How everything is settled and what happens to Chinna form the crux of the climax.

Script Analysis

With Vasantabalan at the scheme of things, the film lives up to all hype and hoopla. Hard work never fails and it is justified by Aravaan team. His research, home work and thoughts ensure a convincing work on screen.

Vasanthabalan has successfully drawn our attention towards the living and culture of a set of people in 18th century Tamil Nadu. The lives and cultures of various communities with varied habits have been well portrayed. A community depends on theft for its livelihood, while the other one takes pride in taking up the job of guarding the village. The feud between neighboring villages and the intervention of local Kingdom have been shown in a credible manner. The director has also extracted high quality stuff from the entire cast and crew.

The basic story and dialogues by Sahithya Academy award winner Su.Venkatesan are quite impressive. Vasanthabalan too has contributed to the story and dialogues.

On the flipside the second half has drawbacks in the form of lengthy sequences and too many subplots. The mystery of Varipuli’s life could have been unfolded in a crispier manner.

Cast and Crew Analysis

Aadhi plays the pivotal role of Varipuli. His body language is amazing. His eyes bring out valour, deceit, romance et al well.
Pasupathy as Kombodhi fits the role very well. His body language and emotions deserve greater awards.
Dhanshika and Arachana Kavi play their parts well. Dhanshika looks majestic. She handles her role with conviction.
The cameo of Bharath and Anjali has some bearing on the screen. T K Kala, Singampuli among others chip in with their best.
Siddharth’s cinematography is splendid, while playback singer Karthik’s maiden venture as music composer is tremendous. The songs and background both create the right mood.
T Siva, the producer, has come up trumps producing a grand venture without
any compromise.

Positive Points

Story, screenplay, cinematography, music, sensitive handling, grandeur, and acting.

Negative Points

Length and the second half and too many sub plots.


Kudos to Vasantabalan for making a sincere attempt to do a movie set in 18th century.
Aravaan: Hard work and sincerity triumph


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