Anwar Movie Review – Average

Anwar Movie Review

Anwar Movie Review

Movie: Anwar
Cast: Prithviraj, Prakashraj, Lal, Mamta Mohandas
Directed by: Amal Neerad
Produced by: Rajesh Zacharia
Story by: Amal Neerad, Unni R.
Music by : Gopi Sundar


Visuals of Coimbatore bomb blast splash the screen as you enter the theatre in anticipation of a movie that swells with terrorism an what a start thanks to the visuals  promising we said to ourselves. Soon you meet Stalin Manimaran (Prakash Raj) who arrests Babu Sait, a local community leader also a clear suspect for the bomb blasts.

Anwar (Prithviraj) is the Muslim youth accused of transfer of Hawala money and he too ends up in jail alongside Babu Sait and company.

Babu Sait is an influential man and helps Anwar in getting out of the mess gaining his friendship and also the trust of Anwar who later evolves into a reliable partner in crime for Babu Sait.

Anwar’s following task is to plant bombs in the police headquarters itself and bravo Anwar does it in style. Enter Basheer Bhai who impressed with Anwar heads forward with an even massive plan, you guessed it what better than chain blasts.

You guess was so spot in and that is exactly what we did not like about this movie. It’s the script again that betrays a well laid out visually pleasing movie. Although Anwar has a past that disturbs him and hesitation sets in as he is gets in mood to execute the grand plan.

Watch the rest if you got interested.


Prithviraj delivers his parts in style and soars over the rest especially in dialogue delivery. His dance sequences were a give away have a look at the song Kanninima Neele. Although the mind blowing stunts can’t go unnoticed, thanks to Amal Neerad’s perfectionism.

A ten man army pitted against Prithvi seemed no match for the hunk that is what real physique can do, it certainly didn’t seem an outrageous and blown out of proportion fight just like Endhiran.

Angel face Mamta Mohandas has carried off her role with grace. Prakash Raj has an obsession for beedis and justifies the ATS officer attire quite well. We can’t move on without mentioning Shreya Ghosal’s melodious Kanninima and Khalbilethi, the songs are on repeat mode in our heads.


Anwar had the right pace in the first half the editing by Vivek Harshan is crispy and a perfect narration compliments the screenplay.

The action sequences are worth a mention thanks to choreography by Anal Aras. The explosion scenes are really in your face.

Sateesh Kurup, is amazingly at his best, a true example for young cinematographers to look forward to.

Amal Neerad’s direction was élan.The director, a graduate of the Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute and the Factory (RGV company), has lived up to the reputation and we won’t hesitate to say the movie is more or less a director’s movie too as half way into the movie we realize there is more to this than just a super cast. The slow motion shots a trademark of the director will stay with in your minds as they add so much anticipation and drama to the movie.


First and foremost the scripting could have been better.

Two songs in the second half surprised and bored us as at the same time they appeared just within a time frame of three minutes. The rap-song-video from the movie was too much for us to handle, where does such a song have a place in a dark themed flick like this. Certainly it goes down as the worst choice the crew made.

Prithviraj’s singing was average adding to the carnage.


Superb style great technique the biggest let down being the script, the movie considering its four crore budget could have fundamentally focused on little essentials like the scripting.

We will give it an average ranking thanks to the positives that have outweighed the negatives though it could not convince us as expected. We doubt if it could bring about a revolution.



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