Angadi Theru movie Review Online|Life in TNagar Saravana Stores

Angadi Theru movie Review Online

Starring: : Magesh, Anjali.
Direction: Vasantha Balan
Music: G V Prakash Kumar, Vijay Antony
Production: Ayngaran International

The Cannes fame director has not let down his audience in Angadi Theru.

Angadi Theru as the name indicates is all about a market or a bazaar street which is a constant in almost all the cities and towns. This time around Vasantha Balan has chosen to travel in one of such busy streets in Chennai, the Ranganathan Street and document the lives of people there focusing more on a famous shop called Senthil Murugan Stores. It is not only the noise and goods of a market place but he takes us through the lives of a thousand souls as well.

Mahesh who is a plus two topper is forced by the circumstances to take up a sales man job in a mall in Chennai. Anjali is also employed at the same shop. The jobs are low paying and they live in inhuman conditions provided by their exploiting mall owners. Amidst the conditions they fall in love which irks the mean management and they fight it out. The exploiting conditions in the mall don’t give way to peaceful existence and the try to start a new life out of the mall but end up ordinarily. While telling the story of lovers, Vasanthabalan also unveils the pathetic life conditions of poor young people from remote villages who are brought to city in promise of good job and then exploited by the poor blood sucking management.

Kudos to Vasantha Balan for portraying the happenings in a big store with brutal candor! Violation of human right seems to be the order of every day in the stores where thousands shop daily. The work culture (is there one?) is extremely pitiable and our heart goes out to the workers. There is also sexual molestation as a punishment exploiting the economic conditions of the workers. Amidst all this, Balan attempts to show survival instincts which are extremely vital in such a setting. It breaks our hearts when the workers are not even allowed to take rest room sojourns. Even the basic expression of love becomes such a feared one which leads to the suicide of a girl. Nevertheless the director has also conveyed an optimistic message that life will continue to flow amidst any circumstance.

New comer Mahesh and ‘Kattrathu Thamizh’ Anjali are simply superb and they virtually carry the film on behalf of Vasanthabalan. Sure to watch out for! Newcomers form majority of the cast and are satisfactory. Sneha lights up the happenings in a small cameo

Music by G V Prakash and Vijay Antony evokes a mixed feeling. The songs are good but they are neither in the film nor with the film. Vijay Antony’s ‘Aval Appadi Ondrum Azhagillai’ which is already a chart buster looks reclaimed on screen. But the duo’s back ground score is marvelous. The BGM travels as a separate character throughout the film. It makes you cry when the characters cry and laugh when they laugh.

The next time you visit a shopping mall,scenes from the film will pop up, like spam mail, in your memory.. Thanks to Vasantha Balan!

Angadi Theru: A hard, but must-see for those who care about cinema and society.



  1. Anonymous

    superrrrrrrrrrrr!!! proud to be tamilian and very proud to be fromsamecity of vasanthabalan (virudunagar)

  2. Anonymous

    I had been to saravana stores couple of times. I used to be so irritated at the level of customer service and the attitude of the sales people. But if this is what they are going through everyday, what else can we expect? Movies like this are eye openers. It helps us appreciate all the wonderful things we are blessed with which we otherwise take it for granted. Hats Off!!!

  3. Anonymous

    yes ofcourse saravana stores is the worst ever store .. the place is disgusting this should brought in front of everyone.. are they thinking workers as human ?

  4. Anonymous

    Remember, it is the same annachi gang that was totally against big retails like Reliancefresh opening shops that promised to provide decent work atmosphere and good salaries. These exploiters somehow were able to put the brakes on multinational entry. Now this film will open everyone's eyes including the Govt. No doubt this film is not only a milestone in film history but also opens up a new comfortable future for the shop sales persons. Congratulations to Vasantha balan.

  5. Anonymous

    I loved the movie and yes if this is the way Saravana Stores treat their employee then lets all take an oath of NOT SHOPPING IN SARAVANA STORES anymore. I hope and pray to god that the sales of saravana stores should go down after this movie and the owner becomes bankrupt!!!!! Congrats V Balan, you are a TRUE HERO, BOLD HERO! I appreciate your GUTS!!!!!

  6. Anonymous

    Hi All,
    Whn my frnz told me to watch the movie i was like its a low budget movie y shlud i watch it… but somethin drived me to watch it ystrday.. istarted weepin witout my knowledge.. the characters made me get involved with the knowing the reality of Saravana Stores and feww others stores in T.Nagar, these store owners should be raided from Human rights commission or their inhuman behaviour to thier employees…

  7. Anonymous

    Kudos to the Director for his bold step for portrayin such incidnts from the real life incidents happenin even today in t.nagar… merelly by stop shoppin the owners will not put an end to such things..the Govt. will have to take a strong steps to see the reality witout takin any bribes etc.

    its showcasin the life of indians in front of others.. its like degrading ourselfves in fronth of other nations regardin the employee-handlin.

    PPl should understnd the importance of treatin the employees fairly ..not only the sales will go up but also the reputation of the employers for kepein them happy…

  8. Anonymous

    SUPER FILM………….
    Thanks to your team………and ALL T.NAGAR EMPLOYEES I WILL PRAY TO GOD IN EVERY DAY…..

  9. anandan

    The movie is too disturbing . I dont know if all of this is true. but i have seen housemaids getting treated badly..

    U are only going to live for a while and i dont understand why people are so rude , mean towards fellow human beings.

    Spread love

    just to add,
    Alexander's last words-"Bury my body and keep my hand outside, so that the world knows,the man who won the world had nothing in hands"

  10. Anonymous

    A bold Attempt by Vasantha Balan , Hats off to you .
    The film made me realize the worth of each and every sophistication god has provided me !!!

  11. Anonymous

    One of the best movies ever seen in my life. I salute the courage of Vasantha Balan for bringing the dark to light.

  12. Anonymous

    I've never been to India, let alone to shop on Ranganathan Street- but if this is how the lives of the sales people are, it's more than disturbing.
    KUDOS to Vasantha Balan for the hit venture,Mahesh, Anjali and everyone else!!!
    One of the best movie's I've seen in a really long time!

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