Ambuli 3d Movie Review

Ambuli Movie Review – Awesome and Amazing

Ambuli 3d Movie Review

Ambuli Movie Review

Cast:Parthiban,Amudhan, Vendhan, Sanam, Thambi Ramiah
Direction: Hari Shankar and Harish Narayanan
Cinematography: Satheesh G
Music: Venkatprabhu Shankar, Sams, C S Satheesh and Mervyn Solomon

Change is the only constant in the world, so to say. Audience’s taste keeps evolving and the onus is on innovation. And, film-makers too have to keep moving in order to keep pace with the changing world and trends.


Ajay (Amudhan) and Srijith (Vendhan) are college students. Ajay falls in love with Poongavanam (Sanam). He prefers to stay in college hostel even during vacation thanks to special permission from Vendhan’s father (Thambi Ramiah).

Poongavanam stays in a village where people dwell in fear of a ghost called Ambuli. There is a belief that whoever crosses a corn field in the village is killed by Ambuli. One day, Ajay goes through the farm to reach her beloved’s house. He comes across the super natural element.

Coming to know the incident, Vendhan gets anxious and decides to find out what Ambuli all about. During their search, Vendhan and Ajay come across Sengodan (Parthiban). He stays alone in the forest.

What is the secret behind Ambuli and Sengodan? How the friends unravel the mystery forms the climax.

Script analysis:

The director duo of Hari Shankar and Harish Narayanan it must be said has managed to come up with a movie with latest Hollywood technology and one which should be lapped up by the audience.

There isn’t anything very novel about the story. The key is that the director duo has managed to weave an interesting tale of romance in between besides touching upon rationalist ideas to drive away superstitious beliefs.

And, with technology getting better and better and state-of-the-art equipment being available to Indian directors, newer attempts are being made. In this context, one has to mention about ‘Ambuli’, Tamil’s first 3D stereophonic film. The interesting thing is that the characters come close to the audience and one gets the feeling that the entire story unfolds almost in front of each person.

Cast and Crew Analysis:

Newcomers Ajay and Sreejith do a good job while newcomer Sanam fits the bill. Veteran Parthiban playing a cameo steals the show while Gokul of ‘Manada Mayilda’-fame as ‘Ambuli’ comes out with flying colours.

Jagan, Thambi Ramaiah, Bosskey, Kalairani and Karate Raja among others are in the cast.

Kudos to the cinematography and stereography of Satheesh G, which adds strength to the film. Music is by the quartet of Venatprabhu Shankar, Sams, C S Satheesh and Mervyn Solomon. As often in such movies, the background score has a lot of significance.


All in all, ‘Ambuli’ is a winner in terms of technical brilliance and narrative.

Ambuli: An exciting ride


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