Adhe Kangal Movie Review

Adhe Kangal Movie Review

Adhe Kangal Movie Review
Adhe Kangal Movie Review

Produced by: Thirukkumaran Entertainment
Written and directed by: Rohin Venkatesan
Cast: Kalaiyarasan, Janani, Sshivada, Bala Saravanan, Arvindaraj
Music: Ghibran
Cinematography: Ravivarman Neelamegam


Debutant director Rohin Venkatesan has opted for a crime thriller in his first venture. He has made it a compact movie with limited characters and an interesting plot.
Varun (Kalaiyarasan), a visually impaired person, is an expert in cooking. He runs a restaurant in Chennai and gets noticed because of his amazing cooking despite being visually impaired. Sadhana (Janani), a journalist, is in love with him and helps him in many ways.

One fine day Varun gets a different customer in the odd hours. Deepa (Sshivada) visits his restaurant with a request of getting some food for the poor. Varun willingly helps her and she payes regular visits to his restaurant. Slowly both come closer and get attracted towards each other.

Varun comes to know that Deepa is in a crisis and he wants to help her. An accident that puts him in bed for three weeks prevents him from doing so. Fortunately he gets back his eye sight through a surgery. After his recovery he finds Deepa in big trouble and sets off to save her but the outcome of his efforts seriously affect his own life.

What happened to Deepa? What happened to Varun? What is the trouble that awaits Varun? What happened to Sadhana’s love? Watch the movie to know the answers.

Script review:

Director Rohin Venkatesan has come out with a clean crime thriller with some unexpected twists and turns. He unfolds the mystery in a commendable manner. The suspense about Sshivada has been maintained well. Surprisingly, the investigation part is quite logical and credible. Varun along with a police constable (Bala Saravanakumar) moves closer to the real culprits in a credible manner.

The movie is strengthened by good dialogues and solid scenes. Deepa’s mystery and Sadhana’s anxiety have been well portrayed. Varun’s character is well etched but there is no reason why he could not tell anyone about his mission in Kanyakumari.

The first half takes its own time to come to the core point while the second half is more compact. However, the background story said by Sshivada could have been made shorter. The climax has been well executed.

The director has to be appreciated for providing some comical relief without diluting the plot.


Kalaiyarasan has done a neat work in portraying the visually impaired and the confused person. Janani looks charming and acts well too.

It is Sshivada who takes the cake. She gets a strong role and handles it with aplomb. She had presented her character with some intensity and vogour. She shows her talents in action sequences too.

Bala Saravanakumar has provided some genuine fun.

Music director Gibran has done a good job in songs and back ground score.

Cinematography by Ravivarman Neelamegam is amazing. He has given a lot of credibility to the narrative with his lighting. We can feel the time clearly through his lenses.

Positive points:

Strong plot and credible script
Thrill element
Comical relief

Negative points:

The second half is slightly lengthy.
A few loop holes


Director Rohin Venkatesan has come out with flying colours with his near perfect screenplay and good performances.

Adhe Kangal: Mesmerising eyes

Raing: 3 stars


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