Aayiram Vilakku Movie Review-Power Cut

Aayiram Vilakku movie review

Cast: Sathyaraj, Shanthanu Bhagyaraj, Sana Khan, Delhi Ganesh, Suman, Ganja Karuppu, Theeppetti Ganesan
Direction: SP Hosimin
Production: HMI Movies
Music: Srikanth Deva

Aayiram Vilakku, directed by SP Hosimin, is a story set in Madurai revolving around Shanthanu and Sathyaraj. Hosimin has come out with a movie after a gap of six years. He has chosen a different story of the bondage between a young man and a old man.

Story Line

Lingam (Sathyaraj) is the most powerful don in Madurai. He operates in a clever manner. People and police fear him but none have seen his face. Rathinam (Suman) is his arch rival, who wants to outsmart him in every possible way. But Lingam always stays ahead. Rathnam tries his contacts with police to eliminate Lingam but in no vain.

Gopal (Shanathanu) is an orphan living in Aayiram Vilakku, a small area in Madurai, is working in a mill. He falls for Megha (Sana Khan), who is fond of social service and concerned in animal care. Gopal plays some tricks to impress her. Both come together after some frictions filled with funny incidents.

The police give a final chance for Lingam to give up toadyism. Lingam, a good man at heart, actually wants to lead a calm life. Since he doesn’t have a family, he longs for a young man to adopt. He wants to share affection with the boy. He is impressed with Gopal’s character. He gets close to him without revealing his identity. They like each other and get closer.

Gopal is, by mistake, considered as the right hand to Lingam and hence he gets much respect from the public. He plays this game without knowing that he is moving close with Lingam.

Meanwhile, Rathinam group plans to eliminate him. They use the loive affair of Gopal to checkmate Lingam. What transpires between Gopal, Megha, Lingam, and Rathinam forms the rest of the story.

Script Review

Hosimin has chosen a story of affection between a young man and an old man. He has also created some twists by concealing the identity of Lingam. The mistaken identity has the potential to make it a smart movie. But he has failed to come out with new scenes to tell the story. Almost all the scenes are predictable. The way he tells the story leaves us yawning. The story has everything: love, affection, and thrill. But the script spoils everything with routine and dull scenes. The Madurai diction throughout the movie is horrible to say the least.

Cast Review

Shanthanu does what he does usually. He dances, romances, and fights. Period. Same looks, same role, and same performance. The young actor should learn to choose good scripts.

Though the story seems to be something new, it poses little challenge to veteran Sathyaraj. He impresses as he underplays in emotional sequences.

Sana Khan is wasted in an insignificant role. So is the case with Delhi Ganesh. Suman does the usual role of a typical villain. Nothing to write about.

Ganja Karuppu and Theppeti Ganesan’s efforts to make us laugh fail to make any impact.

Kannan’s camera work is a plus point to the movie. Srikanth Deva’s music is nothing special but Enna Thavam (rendered by Yesudoss) and Jigirthanda sound good.

Plus Points

Different story and cinematography.

Minus Points

Dull script, predictable turning points and lackluster climax.


Nothing works for Aayiram Vilakku though it has romance, action, comedy, and some interesting twists. The script and the treatment have let the movie down.

Aayiram Vilakku: Power cut


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